Drop Everything and Read at Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy

Extra Credit Reading Opportunity

Students were given the opportunity to choose a book 7th grade reading level or above to read over the break. They were responsible to read the entire book and have a meeting with me to discuss its content, quality, and overall meaning in order to receive extra credit.

Many students were interested in this opportunity, but I wasn't sure how many would take it. I was happily surprised. Many students excitedly checked out multiple books when I took them to the library. Although some were overambitious, their renewed motivation was present. I believe it is so valuable to allow students in middle and high grades to read books of high interest in addition to the classics.

51 students participated and received extra credit!

I had no idea so many students would complete this assignment.

I learned quickly the assignment was not only valuable because students were motivated to read. This assignment allowed me to connect with my students on a new level. We were having conversations about Naruto and his strategies to eliminate his arch nemesis, how Allegiant was a disappointing third book, and why we thought Perks of Being a Wallflower was a coming of age story.


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Taking it to the next level

I was so inspired by how many students enjoyed reading over the break and how passionate they were about their books. I partnered with Mrs. Seybert and we created a plan for 7th graders to share the book they fell in love with over the break during Drop Everything and Read day.
I had students choose 1/2 pages of the book to read aloud to students who either didn't have a book to read or wanted to be exposed to new books.

Students presented their books for students 6th-12th grades. It was awesome to see some of the kids light up as they were listening to the 7th graders share.

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Kevin Salazar reads excerpt from his novel aloud to fellow students

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Jazlyn Foster reads excerpt of her novel aloud to fellow students

Christian Stone (left) read an excerpt of his novel Allegiant and Markayla Wilks (right) read an excerpt of her novel Between Shades of Grey.
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Kennedy Hill reads an excerpt from Perks of Being A Wallflower to fellow students