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Do you need to contact me while we are away from school?

Please click the "Contact Maria Sherrod" button on this newsletter or e-mail me and we will set-up a call or video conference using Google Meet. My Google Meet link is HERE. However, please contact me first so I can check my availability.

School Closing- COVID-19

The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create men who are capable of doing new things.

Jean Piaget

This is going to be a different experience for our school community. Let's choose a cup half-full perspective and view this as a new opportunity to learn and grow in excellence together.

I have attached a flyer below with kid friendly graphics and talking points about COVID-19. Please refer to www.fcboe.org for correspondence from the county about COVID-19.

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Articles & Resources for Parents

Mental Health & Wellness Resources

Talking With Young Kids About Coronoavirus

Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus

Talking to Children About COVID-19

Help Kids Manage Anxiety Around the Coronavirus (includes videos from child psychologists and therapists)

Anxiety in Kids (includes some great pdf downloads with strategies to use with kids)

Coping Skills for Kids (ideas for breathing, grounding strategies, calming areas at home, etc)

Meals for Families

Families who need help with meals for any Fayette County student age 18 and under during the closure can come to the following schools Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for assistance: Spring Hill Elementary and North Fayette Elementary. Distribution of food will be provided by a drive through service.

1st-5th Grade VJS Jr. Lessons

VJS, or Virtual Job Shadow, Jr., is an online program that teaches lessons about a multitude of careers. The state mandates that 1st through 5th grade students learn about 17 career clusters throughout their time in elementary school.

All 1st-5th grade students should have all grade-level assigned lessons for this year complete during their days off. Virtual Job Shadow Jr. (VJS Jr.) can be easily accessed by going to ClassLink. A link to VJS Jr. can be found at the bottom of their ClassLink Dashboard.

You will know the lessons are NOT complete by looking at your VJS Jr. Student Dashboard (see picture below). Any lessons under "My Assignments" must be completed. Once they are complete, you will see your badge on the left and the lesson will move to the "Completed Assignments" section. The lessons assigned to each grade level are listed below.

Career Cluster Assignments as defined by the Georgia Department of Education:

1st Grade (3):



Law & Public Safety

2nd Grade (3):


Health Sciences

Arts & Communications

3rd Grade (3):


Human Services


4th Grade (4):

Business Management


Science, technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

Architecture & Construction

5th Grade (4):

Government & Public Administration



Information Technology

**Students can also explore the VJS Jr website and watch various videos via the “Career Central” section.

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5th Grade Career Portfolios

I met with all 5th graders during the last week in February to discuss the expectations for their Career Portfolios. The 5th grade teachers and I work together to provide all the resources they need to complete this task every year. The Career Portfolio is a requirement of the Georgia Department of Education. Please click HERE for a link to see their description and guidelines.

Our Career Portfolio timeline is outlined below. Please have your child work diligently to complete this required project as it will be five (5) ELA grades (see Ms. Stephens' and Ms. Williams' page for more info).

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Mindfulness Activities

One of my favorite practices to teach students is mindfulness. What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the practice of placing attention and awareness on what is happening in the present moment without making any judgments about it. Mindfulness is beneficial for adults and children alike. It enhances physical, mental, creative, and emotional health. Mindfulness is a beneficial tool for kids specifically because it improves emotion regulation, increases self esteem, decreases worry, improves concentration, better decision making, better mood, and improvements in social skills.

With that said, I am also challenging our students to participate in the Mindfulness March calendar during virtual learning. For every day of the month, there is a different activity for the students to practice mindfulness. This would be an awesome activity for everyone in the home to complete together.

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When you ROAR (at home), You Get More!

Hey Cubs! Do you need some motivation to do your work? Well, let's continue to put first things first because when we return there will be incentives for those who complete their virtual learning assignments! Want to know what they will be? Stay tuned because more information will be shared as our PBIS Team develops great incentives to reward your hard work while at home!