Halloween Haunted Mansion

Starting Price $100,000,000,000,

Halloween Haunted Mansion open for bidding


  • 7 dark bed rooms
  • 9 spider infested bath rooms
  • 2 play rooms with children laughing
  • 1 big kitchen with flickering lights
  • one huge back yard ( very dark at night)
  • 2 offices with phone calls when you have no phone
  • 1 large dining room with swinging chandlier
  • 1 big library with books that fall off the shelfs
  • 1 walk in pantry with Halloween candy to give out to kids ( it just appers)
  • 7 walk in closets with old clothes
  • 1 big grage with snakes
  • Also a very creepy basement with crying kids at night.
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This house is a large good quality house and perfect for a large family or just a rich billionar, or to turn it into a hotel.

How to reach me

If you are intritsed in buying this house this is how to reach me!