University of Minnesota

The Golden Gophers

Nicknames and Mascot

Their nickname is the Golden Gophers and The U of M.Their mascot is a Gopher. The significance of the mascot is that the state of Minnesota is nicknamed the Gopher state. The U of M was named after the gopher in 1926. Their nickname was the Golden Swarm before the Golden Gophers.

Significant people and Events of this school.

Eric Decker is the most recent NFL starter out of The U of M. The Gophers have just won their 4th consecutive Big Ten win for the first time since 1973. The Gophers have had one Heisman Trophy winner and it was Bruce Smith in 1941. The Gophers will be going to their first Bowl Game in the last ten years this season. They are currently 8-2.

Novelty Items

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Nike Jersey

You can buy a jersey that looks exactly like the jersey the players on the field wear.

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Coach Zip Up

You can buy the sideline gear, its the same jackets the coaches would wear on the sideline.

Different Logos

This is their Football logo.

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This is their Baseball Logo.

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This is their old logo also their throwback logo.

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This is their Mascot which is a their main logo.

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This is their main basic logo.

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With these logos they are trying to make fans and buyers of their gear happy. If you look at the gophers facial expressions they are always smiling. This school has the same type of logo and mascot repeated but they have him doing something different in most of them. Like one he will be playing hockey and another will be baseball and so on.