Setting Up Your Quote

Another Step in the CSQT Method

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Essential Questions:

1. What is a Set-up?

2. How do I choose a quote?


C= When asked a question, you need to make a CLAIM.

S=SET-UP your claim by giving it a context.

Q=Add a QUOTE to help prove your claim.

T= TIE the quote to your claim and explain how it proves it.

"A Loaf of Poetry" by Naoshi Koriyana

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Let's try using the C.S.Q.T. method.

Question: What is the poet comparing writing poetry to?

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Step 1: Choosing a Quote.

  • Choose a quote that will support your claim.

  • I need a quote that will show that the poet is comparing poetry to bread.

Step 2: Setting up the Quote.

The Set-up gives a context for the quote. (It explains who said it or where it came from.)

Here are a few examples of set-ups:

  • In the beginning of the poem, Koriyama says...

  • On line ___, the poet uses...

  • Toward the end of the poem, the poet...

  • On almost every line, Koriyama...
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Assignment: For our forum, create a set-up and quote for the claim (above).

  • It must be a complete sentence that includes both a set-up and quote.

  • You may use one of the set-ups in the lesson.

  • There are many possible quotes, so choose your favorite one.

Grading (4 points): You will get two points for the set-up and two points for the quote.