Come to Quito Ecuador the city located on the Equator


Immerse your taste buds into quito's good eats.


The word Quito comes from Quiuts, the name of the native people before spanish conquistadors arrived in1534.

packing for weather

Residents of Quito like to say you can experience all seasons in a day. OF course winter in Quito and winter in Alaska are very different. Since Quito lies almost on the equator it will be hot. Pack for warm weather and rain.

Bio diversity

Quito is one of the most bio deserve regions of ecuador which is the most bio deserve regions in the world.

Battle of Pinchincha

Located on a mountain slope over looking Quito is the site of the battle of Pinchincha. Where general Antonio José de Sucre defeated the Spanish in 1822. Soon after the battle, Ecuador became independent.

Random facts

  • Quito is Ecuador's principle textile center.
  • Formally called San Francisco de Quito.
  • Highest capital city in the world housing judaical, administrative, and legislative. .branches.
  • Located in the Andes with an elevation of 9350 ft.
Quito, the World's Soul

The ancient indigenous people of Ecuador

  • The Sierra personified natural phenomenon, like rain, lightning, making those phenomenon hot, cold, angry, or other emotions.
  • The Shaur were uninfluenced by the catholic religion. They believe people and objects have a force necessary to survive. The also believe in the super natural world