15th annual Mine Festival

Inmanboro North Carolina

Better Hurry! Before these rocks roll away so come rock and roll with us!

Hi! I would like to invite you to the 15th annual Mine Festival. The Mine Festival is about rocks and minerals of the Piedmont. At this festival there will be lot's of fun games and rides.

This festival is in honor of the state's miners.The festival it's from October 7th-21st. From 6:00am-12:00pm. These sponsors have supported our festival

Park Ridge Hospital,Pepsi,Dominoes pizza,BJ's Wholesale Club,Bass Pro Shop.

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At this festival there will be an amusement park. Inside the amusement park there will be a roller coaster ,rock slip and slide, and laser tag. The games is 50 cents and each rides is a dollar. 21st of october is the Gem Parade.

There will be concerts October 7th and 19th. The concerts are 5 dollars per ticket 5 or younger free.

Concerts schedule

October 7th

5:30 Selena Gomez

7:30 Big Time Rush

9:30 Luke Bryan

October 19th

8:00 Linkin Park

9:00 Macklemore

10:00 Lil Wayne

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October 20th Mining Competition from 12:00 to 3:00. You can quit whenever you want and keep what you find. Mining boths are open till 12:00pm. There will be miners selling rock collections and minerals. Mining is only 2 dollars for mining 5 and under free. You can also find it in underground water. There are people teaching things about mining.
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For sale at the festival there will be mineral painting's , rock jewelry and stone sculptures. From 11:00 to 12:00 on October 20th, there will be a painting competition.

Before the Mining Competition we will have rocks and gems to paint set up.

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We will have hamburgers, hotdogs, corn dogs, tacos ,pizza,BBQ and sweet potatoes. For drinks Coke ,Pepsi products ,lemonade ,water and gatorade. For desert candy rock ice cream, pop rocks ,candy rocks and ring pops.Candy rock ice cream is rock candy in whatever ice cream you want. Also free samples of our homemade ice cream will be available.

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Emergency Station

The ES is located in the middle of the festival. The police will be stationed at the north end of Main street. The firefighters will be at the south end of the festival. We will have public saftey officials patrolling at all times.

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There will be bathrooms located at every other block of the festival. Hand washing stations will be located throughout Main Street. There will be shelters at each end of the festival available if needed. The bathrooms will be cleaned daily. The baby changing rooms will be available in every bathroom. Trash dispensers will be on every block.

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