SES Student Orientation

September 8 - 11

What to Bring and What you will pick up!

Students should bring the following items with them to their orientation session:

  • All students should be prepared to spend at least a portion of their orientation outside. Please dress for the weather.

  • A backpack or other bag to carry books and other supplies that will be distributed

  • Their district-issued iPad - please make sure it is charged!

    • If you do not yet have a district-issued iPad, please let your Advisory teacher know in advance of your orientation session so that we can ensure we have one ready for you to check out during orientation.

At orientation you will PICK UP:

  • A printed copy of your schedule
  • Your meal ID Card (everyone gets one)
  • A checklist to ensure your iPad is ready for the first day of school on 9/14
  • A map of the school to help you find your classrooms
  • An iPad (if you are new or don't had one)

At orientation you will DROP OFF:

  • Any medications with the nurse (that the nurse needs to keep on site for you)

Guidelines for Orientation

  1. Make sure that you come on your assigned day(s) and time. Check the schedule below to make sure you know when that is!
  2. Make sure that you come with a mask. Masks must be worn at all times when on the School of Environmental Studies campus.
  3. Keep a social distance of 6’ or greater when on Campus. Please be respectful of staff and students and keep this distance as much as possible.
  4. We will have hand sanitizer at many stations throughout the school. Please use it frequently and wash your hands whenever possible.
  5. Only students will be allowed to be in the building. Parents can drop off students and wait in the parking lot, but will not be permitted to enter the school unless for an already scheduled appointment with SES staff.
  6. Check the information about COVID-19 further down in this newsletter. If you are sick or have had any symptoms, please stay home. Contact us and let us know, and we will figure out how to get you your materials and get a school picture.

Transportation Options for Orientation

Students may choose to drive to orientation. If they do, students should plan to arrive at SES by 8:00 AM.

In-district students may also choose to ride the school bus. Students will ride the bus into school as if it is a normal school day. They will ride their neighborhood bus to the high school where they will transfer to a different bus that will then shuttle them to SES. Transportation postcards were mailed over the weekend, so students should have current bus number info for both their morning and afternoon routes.

After orientation the buses will transport students directly to their home bus stop. There are 10 special bus routes that have been set up to do this, students will be given their bus number during orientation, so that they will know which bus to take home at the end of the orientation event. Please note this is a special arrangement for orientation only. On a regular school day, students will shuttle back to their home high school at the end of the day, and then transfer to the bus listed on their transportation postcard which will transport them to their home bus stop.

Click Here for Bus Pick-Up/ Drop-Off Information

Bus pick-up and drop-off locations are available in Infinite Campus and transportation postcards have been mailed. This link will take you to Infinite Campus: From the main menu choose More --> Transportation

Student Orientation Details

During the week of September 8, we will be inviting all of our students to attend an orientation session to meet their teachers, run through their schedule, pick up materials, ask questions, and lay a foundation for our year of learning together. We have chosen to invite students according to their Advisory teachers, rather than by cohort group. (Advisory teachers are listed on the student’s schedule, which can be found in Infinite Campus.) Please note below which day your student will be attending orientation. Cohort A, Cohort B, and Cohort C (if they so choose) are invited to attend orientation on the day designated for their Advisory group, as shown in the table below:

Big picture

Orientation Day Schedule

When students arrive, either by bus or by car, their Advisory teacher will be outside the school (with a name sign) to greet them. Advisory teachers will distribute student schedules, lunch cards and a map of the building to help students find their classes. At 8:15 students will enter the building and head off to their first period class. Students will then have the opportunity to follow their entire schedule, even through during hybrid learning they will only follow half of the schedule on each of the two days they are present at SES in-person. While following their schedule (per the times outlined below), students will find their classrooms, meet their teachers, and collect books and other supplies needed for the distance portion of their learning this fall.
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  • Students that have a home high school class for one or more periods of their schedule will report to the forum (big open space on the main level of the building) to receive instructions on the logistics of leaving and/or returning to SES during the school day.
  • All Study Halls are held in the centrum (middle space) of each house (rose, blue, green, gold). If you have a Study Hall, check your schedule to see which house location to go to.

Alternate Student Orientation Option

Students who are participating in the Digital Academy and are not comfortable with attending the orientation event in-person, will have the opportunity to meet with their advisory teacher on Wednesday, 9/9 from 2:30-3:00 via Zoom. (Look for an email from your student's advisory teacher next week with Zoom information.) During this session, students will receive a brief overview of the Digital Academy schedule and will, most importantly, be able to ask any clarifying questions they may have. Any student from Cohort A/B that is not able to attend the in-person orientation, is also welcome to attend this Zoom session.

Additionally, Digital Academy students that are unable to attend in-person orientation, are invited to come to SES on Thursday, September 10 from 12:00 - 2:00 to pick up the materials that were distributed during in-person orientation, including a district-issued iPad if you are new to the district or do not currently have one.

Building Map and Staff Information

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In above map: (* = Female Restroom) (# = Male Restroom) (+ = Non-Binary Restroom)

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iPad Preparation Checklist for 2020-21

Please have students complete this checklist prior to the start of school on September 14 to ensure their iPad is ready for learning.