Fourth Grade Newsletter


Students will continue working with fractions and problem-solving this week. Practice drawing bar models for different fractions - this will help students compare, order, and find equivalent fractions. There will be a math test on February 24th - it will cover fractions, word problems, and using problem-solving models.


This week, we will begin our unit on Earth's Cycles and Patterns. Student will learn how to read a weather map this week including identifying areas of high and low pressure, and cold fronts, warm fronts, and stationary fronts. Practice reading weather maps at home.
Meteorologist Ryan Davidson Explains Weather Maps


We are so excited about the Texas Revolution that we will be reading about it during reading this week! As we read, we will use strategies to organize information from a nonfiction text, including keeping a timeline and identifying main idea and details.


Students will be studying strong student samples of essay writing. We will be identifying the structure of the essays (introduction, parts, and conclusion,) elaboration techniques, and craft.

Social Studies

During social studies, we will specifically be examining early conflicts between the Mexican government and the Texan settlers. On Friday, we will start analyzing the events of the battle of the Alamo. The following websites are great resources both for our studies in class, and for help with the Texas Revolution Project which is due March 3.