British Police

Basic Salary

Salaries vary between forces but the typical starting salary for police constables in England and Wales is £22,680 on commencing service and £25,317 on completion of the initial training period.

Salary Progression

It can be up to £3000 extra per year.

Working hours and shift patterns

  • 0845 - 1715 Monday to Thursday with an hour for lunch each day. 0845-1645 on fridays

Holiday entitlement

A police officer gets 23 days minimum


Any where in the area where they get entitled to, mostly by where they live.

Basic training period

10 weeks

Additional training

extra 2 weeks

Fringe Benefits

Fexible working paid over time. Health and life ensurance

Retirment age

60 years old

pension Benefits

National police pension scheme is 9.5% of salary paid in and full pension after 35 years