Early Adulthood Health and Wellness

By Emma, Kaylee, and Lilliana

Maintaining physical fitness

A good way to maintain physical fitness is to take time out of your day to exercise even if its only 30 minutes a day. Another way is to make sure you eat healthy and have good meal proportions.

Nutritional Needs

20 year olds- Make fast food healthy, and choose foods like chicken, shrimp, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, and veggies. 20 year olds at a minimum needs 60-70 grams of protein a day.

30 year olds- Folate: Its critical for supporting a health pregnancy ,preventing neural-tube defects and helping your body make new cells. 30 year olds need a daily amount of Folate of 400-microgram requirement.

Phytonutrients: These compounds contain antioxidants, which slow the aging process,ward off heart disease, and prevent changes in DNA, potentially preventing the development of cancer.

40 year olds- Calcium: As women approach menopause, bone building estrogen starts to decline and calcium becomes more important. Aim for a low-fat dairy, supplements, or a combination.

Vitamin D:This nutrient helps your body absorb calcium, keeps your strong, protects against breast and colon cancers, and even prevents hearing loss. Get a daily supplement of 600 to 1,000 international units.

Coping with stress and anxiety

A good way to cope with stress and anxiety is too find time for you. Find things that you love to do and that relax you, and do those things when you get to stressed or have anxiety attacks.

Common health issues?

1) Obesity is common in young adults, stemming from the stresses of their new-found responsibilities.

2) People in their twenties are most common to STD's

3) Women in their thirties have problems with their fertility

4) Women in their thirties also can develop pre diabetes due to weight gain

5) Women in their forties are prone to depression due to hormonal changes entering perimenopause.

Supportive agencies

1) ACTION (Accessible Community Transportation in Our Nation). ACTION is an agency that goes around and picks up disabled adults if they want to go somewhere. All they have to do or have someone call and someone from ACTION will come pick them up.

2) Fedcap offers a wide array of programs and services to help young people achieve success in education and employment and become happy self-sufficient adults.

3) United Way of the Big Bend is an agency that is useful in nearly all aspects of your early adult life. From a 24-hour crisis/ suicide prevention line to providing educational services, Big Bend has you covered.

Common mental health issues?

1) Many young adults tend to be bi-polar which can cause problems in their professional and personal lives.

2) Anxiety issues are common. Having anxiety can be a huge block in a person's life, it can prevent them from doing/achieving things that they would otherwise be extremely able to accomplish.

3) Eating disorders are often seen among young adults, typically woman. Stress and different anxieties just prove too much and these people either simply lose their appetite or force themselves not to eat. Sometimes because they are uncomfortable with their weight, even if they are at a perfectly reasonable weight for a person of their age and height.

4) Depression is extremely common in young adults. Oftentimes they are still trying to find their place and they might feel misplaced or somehow separate from society. As they get older and find where they fit these depression issues will usually go away but if it continues and it seems that nothing has been helping it then a doctors help should be sought out.