Animal Farm

Brielle B. Besteda


Boxer is the strongest animal on the farm. He was the one you would go up to for help and when ever you needed some type of work done Boxer was the one you would call to help. He was very hard-working up until the day he was injured. He would do all of the heavy lifting like carrying rocks and stones. Whenever he felt as if he would give up he would start saying "I will work harder". He would get up early than the rest of the animals and go to bed later than them just so he could get further ahead in what ever work Napoleon had told him that he would be doing. When it came to the windmill Napoleon would work harder than the rest of the animals by doing double the work.



Napoleon had said that all animals are equal but that was not true. When it came to pigs they would always come first. They were thought as to be the smartest ones in the group. They would get special treatment like when another animal and a pig passed ways the pig would be allowed to go first. They were also allowed to sleep in beds and they would be allowed wear ribbons on there tails while the other animals could not. The pigs would get special education at a young age. But the thing that stuck out the most was when the pigs were all standing up and walking on their hind legs, while the other animals could not do that because it related to humans.

Important Events

One of the most important events was when Boxer was working on the windmill by himself and he was pulling stones. When he pulled the stones they rolled on him and he was injured. Two pigeons had come in telling them about how he was lying down unable to get up. Clover and Benjamin would come after working hours and take care of him. They took care of him until the day the van came to take him away. That was when Benjamin started to throw a fit calling everyone a fool because he found out Boxer was in a van that was taking him to a butcher. That was the last anyone except the pigs saw him and Squealer said he was there for Boxers last breath.
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One of the most important symbols for Animal Farm is the song Beast of England. Old Major first sang the song after telling them about the rebellion that was going to happen. The animals would sing it during happy and sad times. They song it until the day Napoleon banned it but even then some of the animals would hum the song to themselves. This song was something that led to the rebellion and that is how they remember the day they got there freedom from Mr. Jones
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YellaWood®: "Hard Work" / Full Song from the commercial

Hard Work

I choose this song because it is talking about how they do all the work just like the animals of Animal Farm. They talk about doing what they are told like gathering the timber just like Boxer would do and they would get a little shut eye before getting up the next day and doing the same thing all over again. They talk about doing work when the sun comes up until it goes down, just like Boxer and the rest of the animals would do.