John Locke

John Locke was a famous philosopher who thought government should protect peoples property. in his earlier life he was a writer, but his books did not get published back then. They are published now, but back then people did not want to publish his books because people thought they were not going to sell well. In his later years he became known as a very famous political philosopher, and he believed that people should have rights.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx was a famous philosopher, economist, sociologist, and historian. He lived from 1818 to 1883. He believed that food, water, shelter, and other stuff needed to survive should be equal to all people.

Social Systems

  • Feudalism- a strict class in society in which loyalty kept classes separate from other classes. places that are or have used this Feudalism north america, south america, and Europe.
  • Slave societies- a strict class in society based on labor of slaves. Places that are or have used Slave societies Africa, Europe, north america
  • Aristocracy-when a small elite group controls and runs the government- places that have used Aristocracy Africa,Asia,Europe

Economic structures

  • socialism- a social organization that proposes that production, distribution, and exchange of goods or wealth should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. countries that use socialism china, Denmark, and Finland.
  • communism- a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to ability and needs. No place has ever successfully done communism.
  • capitalism- a countries trade and industry are controlled by privet owners of profit, rather then by state. countries that use capitalism USA, Canada, and the UK.

Stages 1

Primitive Communism

hunting and gathering society

  1. agriculture
  2. domestication of animals
  3. privet property

when people hunt for animals and travel with them where ever the go

Stage 2

slave society

  1. run out of new slaves
  2. work force runs out
  3. maintaining a large empire

when people use slaves to do work for them

Stage 3


  1. servants crated a new class called merchants
  2. increased there profits
  3. there are no wage earners

when the are classes and everyone is in a class and it is hard to move up

Stage 4



  1. profits are focused for the employer not the employee
  2. causes conflict and unrest in the working class
  3. they are not being paid for there work only a portion of it

people are getting less money so that the people who own the business get a bigger profit

Stage 5



  1. Common Property- means of production is ran by workers instead of the minority
  2. Planned Economy-economy is planned and organized based on need not the demands of system
  3. Labor Vouchers-instead of wages

the production distribution,production, and exchange or goods or wealth. everything is owned by the community as a whole

Stage 6


the "perfect" system

  1. everything needed is provided
  2. everyone and everything is equal
  3. no government

everyone has everything they need or want if they work