Week of January 13, 2014

ELL Weekly News

Important Information

  • Use the new student forms for testing information and fill them out completely
  • Students who entered AFTER Winter Break will not be re-assessed
  • 3rd grade Move On When Reading (MOWR) exemption lists will be emailed soon. Please go to the ELL library and click on the MOWR folder. Send the exemption letter home to every student who is on the current list and any new 3rd grade students who are exempt per Marianne or Linda

Upcoming due dates

  • AZELLA pick up times- schedule with Marianne or Rosalinda for 2/3-2/5
  • 02/03/14 AZELLA Testing Schedule completed google doc- click here


Congratulations Cindy Bizjak!
Cindy is so caring and loving towards all of our students and one of the most professional educators I have worked with in my 40+ years in education. Although the EL numbers are high at her two schools she manages to makes sure all her paper work is done and the individual needs of each student are being addressed. She goes out of her way to earn each teacher’s trust and to become a vital part of each of her schools. She always takes time to touch base with me and offer suggestions when I have a struggling student. She does all of this with a smile on her face and course work towards her master’s degree waiting at home.
Knowing how humble she is I’m sure all I have said is an embarrassment to her but I feel very fortunate to work with Cindy!~ Sue

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