Resources for Teacher's

10 Useful Resources for the Tech. Savvy Teach!

INSERVICE 2013: Useful Resources for Technology Driven Teachers



Free Logo Design ( allows students and teachers to create their own logo's! While teaching about trademarks, brand names and logo's in the Business classroom, students could create their own logo. This website is a fun and easy tool for students, as well as teachers, to create their own logos, whether in the Business classroom or not!


Merriam-Webster's Visual Dictionary Online is a valuable resource for students to explore a visual represetation of the vocabulary words they learn in class. After clicking on the heading "shapes", a visual representation of every basic geometric shape (sphere, cone, pyramid, cube, etc.) popped up with a description. There is a GREAT deal more information to explore than simply shapes. Art, architecture, communications and science all have useful visual representations students could easily learn from!


Fotonea is a site where students and teachers have the opportunity to create collages. Students who are creating research projects or need a way to represent data and charts could use "fotonea" to create a presentation they can be proud of!


Insightify is a free survey and polling website teachers could use to poll in the classroom. A simple example of using this resource would be at the end of a lesson, a teacher could ask how well students understood the information. Teachers could use this assessment to evaluate and guide their future lesson planning!


The above site ( could come in handy in any history classroom, no matter what age. Timelines are useful as a visual representation of the histroy spilt over hundreds of pages. This website allows teachers and students to create their own timeline of history! Whether it's the history of the Civil War or what they ate for breakfast, this tool can be useful in presenting information!


Tynker, which is very similar to Scratch! is a great free and easy way to get students of all ages interested in programming. This program offers logical reasoning students allstudents need to have to be successful. On top of that, by using programs like Tynker and Scratch! you will be able to meet the needs of Common Core Standards in the Math and Literacy Areas. Here is the link!


Creaza ( provides students with powerful tools, as well as an extensive, built-in media library. It also combines reading, writing and multimedia with critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. No matter what classroom you are in, using Creaza to create slideshows and presentations will get students to further investigate and use technology in the classroom!


WolframAlpha is a valuable resource for any math classroom to utilize. Students often have questions on their own when they are working on assignments and have no where to turn before class the next day. This website provides assistance to students who need help with such issues, whether in geometry or calc. class.

9. provides a database where users can log in and share their favorite books with other users. This a great tool for students who struggle to find books they are interested in. Teachers and students can both find "good reads" by using this website!


Do your students ever need a new way to present information? Are you tired of powerpoint after powerpoint? Try using in your classroom today! Stories can easily be shared between devices and the website is as user friendly as it gets!

Quick video's for Teachers!

These videos provide tools for the everyday teacher to incorporate different technologies into their classroom. Enjoy!

The first four of these short videos are tutorials for great tools for educators to use in their classrooms. Whether they use it themselves to create lesson plans or have students use it to broaden their learning styles, each of them have their advantages! If you. An make it through the first four, enjoy the last one for a laugh! (It was on Edutopia, believe it or not.)