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Happy Catholic Schools Week - A Note from our Pastor!!!!

Hello St. Joseph School Community! This is Fr. Scott, your pastor, filling in for Mrs. Maddox.

This weekend we hear in the gospel from St. Luke about the calling of St. Peter to go from being a fisherman a “fisher of men.” In other words, St. Peter was to bring others into relationship with Jesus and into the saving boat of the Church. This was his calling, or vocation.

All of us have vocations. St. Peter heard his calling directly in the voice of the Lord on the Sea of Galilee. The same can be said for the other Apostles, who heard Jesus’ call plainly, with our Lord standing in front of them. It was a distinct moment in their lives.

It is still possible today that the Lord can call us in a single moment, with a big, obvious, direct invitation. In my work as a vocation director, though, I found that for most people, our calling from God is something that must be slowly fostered and grown in us. Though finding our vocation is one of the most important things we do in life, it is typically something that we discover over time. Our circumstances and experiences impact how long it takes for us to find our vocation, but they can also impact whether we find our vocation or not.

The families and communities that we grow up in have a big influence on our vocational discernment. As parents, grandparents, teachers, priests, and fellow parishioners, we should have a desire to help young people find God’s calling for their lives.

With this in mind, we wanted you to see this dynamic video. (It features our three new priests, including Fr. Keith Chadwick, who was a seminarian at St. Joseph a few years ago. It also features Msgr. Burger, who grew up in our parish.) This video does an amazing job of highlighting what can happen when families and schools create a culture that helps young people be open to God’s call. May we, as families and as a school community, create a culture of vocations at St. Joseph!

Fr. Scott Wallisch, Pastor

Catholic Schools Week- Vocations

As we end Catholic Schools week, check out this video on vocations!
I Will Give You Shepherds
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New Date for the Battle of the Books Final!!

The Battle of the Books Final has been changed from January 14 to Friday, February 11! The bonus is that students will have more time to read, read, read! Thank you!

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Valentine Parties

Valentine Parties will be held from 2:15PM-3PM on Monday, February 14. They will run the same way the Halloween and Christmas parties did. Room Parents can organize the party and collect treats. Only Room Parents can attend the party (no siblings). Classroom teachers will decide if students are allowed to exchange Valentines. Students will be able to wear Valentine colors with jeans or joggers.

St. Joseph’s Day at Fritz’s

Don’t miss St. Joseph’s Day at the Shawnee Fritz’s on Grandparents Day, Friday, February 4th, ALL DAY, from 7AM to 9:30PM!!! Enjoy lunch out with your grandparents after our Noon Dismissal! 20% of your total bill will be donated back to St. Joseph School! (Tell them you are with St. Joseph, show them the flyer on your phone, or print out and hand them the flyer at checkout! Thank you for supporting our fundraiser!

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February 4- 9:30AM All School Mass with Grandparents (Sit with youngest child in family)


February 4- St. Joseph's Day at Shawnee Fritz's, 7AM-9:30PM

February 4- 10th- CEF Dollar Drive (extended date)

February 5- Trivia Night-"Stars of Screen & Stream"

February 8- Student Leadership Team Meeting after school

February 9- All-School Mass, 8:15AM

February 10- Thankful Thursday

February 10- PTO Meeting

February 11- Battle of the Books Final

February 12- 2nd Confirmation Retreat, 8th Grade

February 14- Valentines Day Parties, 2:15-3:00PM

February 16- All School Mass, 8:15AM

February 16- Parent-Teacher Conferences, 4:30-7:30PM

February 17- NO SCHOOL

February 17- Parent-Teacher Conferences, 1:30- 7:30PM

February 18- NO SCHOOL

February 21- NO SCHOOL, Presidents’ Day