Growth of Japanese Culture

Japanese Forms of Buddhism : By India Richardson

Buddhism Spreads in Japan

Buddhism first came to Japan when Prince Shotoku came to teach Japan about Chinese culture. Many people practiced it but didn't replace there ancient religion Shinto. Instead it was practiced with Buddhism. Buddhism had a great impact on Japan, Buddhist believe that peace and happiness could be achieved by having a life of wisdom and kindness to others. There are many different forms of Buddhism that Japan had created, such as Tendai Buddhism. Tendai Buddhism is focused text and studying. There are other forms like Amida, or Pure Land, and then Zen. Many people in Japan adapted Buddhism very well.

Zen Buddhism

Since there were a lot of different kinds of Buddhist most of them died out quickly. In 1100s Zen became the most popular. Zen was focused on self discipline, simplicity, and meditation. The Zen Buddhists believed that reflection was better than studying. The reason for Zen was to find the persons inner peace. Many of the samurai worriers favored Zen because they thought it would help them in battle. Later Zen traveled and spread through the West.
Zen Buddhism


ESSENTIAL QUESTION: How did the Japanese adapt Buddhism.

REVIEW: How was Japanese society affected by Buddhism.

Different Kinds of Buddhism

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