The Power of Pixie!

Creativity software for students

Why Pixie?

This great creativity software allows students to use text, drawing tools, clipart and narration to share their imagination and understanding of ideas. Students in grades K-5 enjoy using Pixie as a great cross-curricular tool that enhances self-expression, thinking, creativity and communication skills. It'’s available for Windows and Mac computers (Home Edition), and as an app for iPads, Android tablets, and Kindle Fire HD. For more information on the system requirements and how to purchase Pixie for use at home visit...

Pixie projects in the classroom!

Content Connections!

Use ready-made content activities found within the program, or search the Trading Post on Tech4Learning's site to find activities and templates for Pixie. Let students create their own way to display their understanding of a concept using drawing tools, stickers, and text boxes. The possibilties are endless!

More Pixie Examples!

Real World Product Ideas with Pixie!

Check out new ideas from the T4L site for some great real world products that students can create.

Want to learn more about Pixie?

Go to Recipes4Success to find Recipes (tutorials) or Snacks (reference guides) to learn more about how to use Pixie. Just click Show Recipes or Show Snacks and click on your version of Pixie. You can also access recipes and snacks for other Tech4Learning products. Click on Tools to find even more resources for your classroom such as Rubric Maker, Graphic Organizer Maker, and Citation Maker.

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