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September 2013 Vol 2, Edition 1


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Our Theme for 2013 - 2014:

Your Students, My Students, OUR Students

District Committees

For those interested in participating in a committee that will address educational issues and shape the way we enhance our instruction and student learning you can join:

Faculty Advisory and Consultation Team – FACT

Representatives from all buildings will come together to discuss important topics within our schools and community. This is a supportive and positive committee that seeks solutions that improve the current educational environment in our schools.


Lead Learner Committee – LLC

Representatives will come together to discuss how education is changing and the direction we as a school community need to go. This is a visioning committee that will help us address new teaching techniques, new technology, and new educational resources.

Send me an email, if interested in joining, with the name of the committee in the subject line.

Educational Articles and Resources for Your Review

What is Spot-On?

Spot On! is a monthly e-newsletter for the educators in Spotswood Public Schools. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide you information on our profession, student learning, technology and interesting items in the educational world. Articles and links provided are for informational purposes only and are pulled directly from Social Media resources.

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