Ridgeview 4th Grade Newsletter

August 28th, 2014

Don't forget, P.I.E. Night Thursday August 28th!


What an exciting time at RV! Monday afternoon all fourth graders received their own personal Chrome Book. We have spent time this week learning how to use features of the Chrome Books and a few different apps including Google Classroom, Google Drive and Padlet. We are excited to have the devices as a tool for learning. Make sure you stop by the library at P.I.E. night to pay the insurance for your child's device.


-I can define inference.

-I can make an inference from the text and back it up with details that support the inference.

-I can infer the theme of a story.

Ask your child:

How do you make an inference?

How do you determine the theme of a story?


-I can generate ideas for a narrative?

-I can develop believable characters by outlining their internal and external characteristics.

Ask your child:

What are two ways you can generate ideas for a story?

What is realistic fiction?


-I can round whole numbers.

-I can use place value to estimate.

Ask your child:

Is the hundred thousands or the ten thousands place larger?

Can you write a number in the hundred thousands and identify the value of each digit (expanded form)?

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