1. life as a serf

we got to help everybody

2.peasants has to take care of the king.

About nine-tenths of the people were peasants—farmers or village laborers. A peasant village housed perhaps 10 to 60 families. Each family lived in a simple hut made of wood or wicker daubed with mud and thatched with straw or rushes.(Britannica.com)

3.every day half to work and i doubt get nothing.

1.Only a very small number of the peasants were free, independent farmers who paid fixed rent for their land..(Britannica.com)
2.Peasants suffered from famines. Plague outbreaks depleted the livestock. Frosts, floods, and droughts destroyed the crops.(Britannica.com)

4.what did peasant do for everybody in the middle ages.

The vast majority were serfs, who lived in a condition of dependent servitude. A serf and his descendants were legally bound to work on a specific plot of land and were subject to the will of the lord who owned that land.(Britannica.com)

5.how did the peasant reacted of the work they had to do.

1.The lords owned large self-sufficient estates called manors, which included the land worked by the serfs.
2.Supported by the labor and taxes of the peasants, the lord and his wife would seem to have had a comfortable life. In many ways they did, even though they lacked many of the comforts of modern society.(Britannica.com)

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