Latin American Revolution

18th-19th century


So i just went to see the new movie latin american revolution i think it was awesome. I think many of you guys will love it especially if you're the kind f people that likes to know about history of the latin american revolution. i would also like to tell you about the people that are in the movie like simon bolivar , jose san martin, sor juana ines de la cruz and many others.

About It

So in the movie there will be a lot of action. It will show the war that they had. The people that were impacted because of the unfair rights. like sor juana ines de la cruz. she wanted to study in the university but she had to be a boy. some of the reasons they had wars. was fighting for rights unfairness the factors in political influence. And people like Napoleon that wanted to gain power and started war.

So everyone go today to see the new movie latin american revolution in (pg13). And enjoy the remarkable history of all these leaders . That made history all over the world. So i suggest you go and buy your popcorn and soda and enjoy THE LATIN AMERICAN REVOLUTION.

Latin American Revolution

Friday, Nov. 1st, 4:30pm

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Come buy your popcorn and drink and i hope you enjoy.