Don't judge people immediately

Mason Larsen Period 4/5

"Analysis of the Development of Theme"

The plot and the setting really help support the theme and how to teach it in Freak the Mighty. Since Freak has a disability, and lives in a relatively poor neighborhood, he will likely be judged. Max did when they first met. But he came to know him. This goes to show that you shouldn't judge people immediately, because they could be cool and nice. Max doesn't judge him anymore, and then they became best friends. The theme "Its wise not to judge people immediately" is first introduced when Mat meets Freak. "I recognize him as the weird little robot kid" & " There's this weird looking kid staring at me." This is Max talking to himself when he first sees Freak when he moves in.

"Reflection and Application of Theme"

I think its a good theme. I totally agree with it, because its rude and not right to judge people immediately. The author developed it well. It continued through the whole book because lots of people judged Max and Freak. But after a while they didn't judge them. The theme's relevant to our generation (especially the youth) because there's a lot of bullying going on. Verbal bullying can be judging people on impact. If people take this into their lives, bullying could possibly decrease, and places (especially schools) could be better environments.

Visual Representations of the Theme

Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick


Max met Freak since he moved in next door. He kinda thought he was weird. But the started doing things together, and became friends. On the 4th of July, Max and Freak went to the fireworks show at the park. After the show, a teenage delinquent, Tony D, tries to cut Max and Freak with a switchblade! But with Freak on Max's shoulders, he guides him where to go, and they get away. One day at school, Max and Freak were eating lunch. Suddenly, Freak started wheezing! He was choking! Max shouted for help. Luckily, the school nurse came and gave Freak the Heimlich manevuar , and he was okay. One night, Max woke up to the noise of wind. But no! Someone clamps their hands over his mouth and drags him outside! It was his dad, who just got out of prison, because he was convicted of murdering Max's mom. His dad took him to the Testaments (an old, worn down house) and took him down to the cellar. He tied him to the water heater and left. But a lady who lived near, came and started to untie Max. But she stopped cold, and fell back. His dad was choking her, with ruthless, killer eyes. Max loosened him self, and tried to stop his dad, yelling and shouting about how he remembered the night he strangled his mom to death when he was only four, and his dad telling him it was all a dream, and sending him back to bed. He kept trying to stop his dad. But he was too big and muscular, even for Max. Then, Max heard a sound. He turned around and saw Freak with a big huge water gun. He told Max's dad, Killer Kane, that his water gun was filled with chemicals from his chemical set (it was really only soap, water and vinegar) Then he shot Killer Kane in the eyes! He was yelling, and Max and Freak ran outside, where there was a whole bunch of cops outside. They ran down, and came back with Killer Kane. They also came back with the lady, Loretta Lee, who was still alive. Two weeks later, it was Freak's birthday! After opening his presents (he got a new computer) The went to eat cake. As they were eating cake, Freak started having a seizure! Max's Gram calls the ambulance, and the EMT's rush him to the hospital. 2 days later, Max wakes up early, and makes the long walk to the hospital to visit Freak. He goes inside, and see's a pair of solemn nurses. He asks whats going on, and they give the bad news. Freak had passed away. He ran by them, shouting and yelling, and looking through Freaks hospital room. Then the hospital security came, and drove him back to his house. For the next few weeks, Max hid in his room, and missed Freaks funeral, and Freaks mother moving away back to California.