The STAAR pencil

The Pencil that helps you on STAAR Test! Sheridan Blazek5th


You can only get this on our website right now. Our websites' name is We deliver only through UPS. Hopefully soon we will be opening a little shop that you can buy this pencil! Thank you and have a nice day!

The STAAR pencil!

STAAR Pencil

The most AMAZING pencil a student in any grade or even college can use to help pass your test!

The amazing pencil only used for STAAR test or STATE test you take for school!

This pencil is so amazing for everykid or young adult in College. This pencil comes in MANY different colors! The pencil prices can range from $2.00-$4.00. You can can also get the pencil in large varieties or just one pencil. If you get the pencil in varieties then it will cost more. This pencil is such an amazing help with raiseing our STAAR and State Test scores by ALOT! Every kid and young adult we have asked to try our pencil we got amazing reports back from their teachers! I really recommend this pencil for anyone taking the STAAR and States Tests!


This Pencil is an amazing invention in this generation. Ever since they made the STAAR test kids have been failing the grade their in too many times and it is packing schools to full. So we came out with this pencil that helps you answer question on your STAAR yest or test you take in College. we have tested this pencil with a few tenns and adults that either take STAAR test or College exams and "the pencil was amazing" they said. The teens and adults that took their test or exams said that "they felt WAY better about how they did on their test or exams."


Tuesday, June 4th 2013 at 6am-6pm

This is an online event.

We are REALLY excited to actually to start selling our pencil! We have been waiting almost a year to start selling! Our company really hopes you buy our pencil and enjoys it thank you and have an amazing day!-