The largest dwarf planet

5 fun facts

1. Eris is named after the Greek goddess of strife and discord. On September 13, 2006 this name was given to this dwarf planet.

2. Eris has a Moon named, Dysnomia. Named after the daughter of Eris.

3. It has a orbit of 560.90 Earth years.

4. Eris is so far from the sun that it sometimes freezes due to lack of sunlight.

5. In 2007, the diameter of Eris was 1,616 miles wide.

The Discovery

Mike Brown and his team first discovered Eris in 2003 and confirmed their discovery in 2005. In the progress of their discovery, they were leaning towards the option that Eris was the 10th planet, but others proclaimed that it was not a true planet. The real definition of a planet means for it to be 1. A planet that orbits the sun. 2. Large enough to make the object roughly spherical. 3. It would have to be able to clear its neighborhood(has enough gravity to force any objects of similar size or that are not under its gravitational control of its orbit). Since Eris does not make the category of being able to clear its neighborhood, It is a dwarf planet.