Buddha of Kamakura

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The Buddha of Kamakura

The Buddha of Kamakura is a priceless statue. It is located in Japan. It is a religious monument. It has unique architectural designs and years of work put into it. It is also a statue of the person who created Buddhism.

The Buddha of Kamakura is a religious statue. It is a statue people who practice Abrahamic worship. Buddhist do not worship the Buddha. They see it as a human being that sought and reached enlightenment . The Buddhist do not consider Buddhism a religion, but instead a way of life. The Buddha means peace and clarity of the mind. The many hand gestures tell you something about the Buddha.

The Buddha was first made out of wood in 1243. It was destroyed by tsunami around 1248. They completed the modern statue of today in bronze , around 1252. The inauguration was held August 17th. The base and hall have been destroyed many times. They have reconstructed the base and the hall many times, but after the 17th abbot died there have been no efforts to rebuild the hall.

The Buddha is based on a real person named Gautama Buddha. His full name is Siddhartha Gautama. He teached and lived around the 4th and 6th century the "Mahajanapada Era". He also taught and lived somewhere in the eastern part of Indian subcontinent. The word Buddha means "the enlightened one". He inspired the Buddhist religion, so he is called the "Supreme Buddha".

The Buddha of Kamakura in Japan is priceless. It is a statue of Gautama Buddha. It took many years to build and they built it many times. It means peace and enlightenment. It is a way of life for the Buddhists. It is a special monument and deserves to be special.

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