Toll Gate Middle School

Weekly Updates February 11, 2019

TGMS Kindness Challenge

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to spread as much kindness to the Pickerington community as possible! During the month of February, you will be challenged to do a random act of kindness.

First, pick your target (those who will receive your kindness), then decide on a kind deed or act to perform for them. Leave our “calling card” and take a picture on site. On Twitter, use #TGMSProud when posting your picture. You are invited to report back to TGMS on Thursday, February 21. We will “give back” to you by providing pizza for dinner from 6-7:30 pm.

Below is a link for a Sign Up Genius that will help us to plan for dinner. On the back is a calendar, as well as a Pinterest link to help you get inspired. We are counting on you!!!

TGMS Kindness Challenge

Parent Luncheons for our 6th graders

TGMS will host our Spring Parent Luncheons for our 6th-grade parents February 26 and 27th. Each of the designated classrooms will have a special 30-minute program prior to your child's scheduled lunch. Look for invitations with all of the pertinent information to come home soon.

The following classrooms will host luncheons:

February 26, 2019

11:30 Ms. Murphy, Mrs. Griffith, and Mr. McDonald

12:00 Mrs. Burns, Mrs. Goldsberry, and Mrs. Porter

February 27, 2019

11:45 Mrs. Bramanti, Mrs. Watkins, and Mr. Siders

12:15 Mrs. Bentley, Mrs. Muck, and Mrs. Schleichert

Be sure to browse our Spring Book Fair during the luncheons!

Handbook change

An important message from the District Office:

K-5 handbook change - A correction has been made to accurately reflect the achievement levels for grading in the K-6 handbook. The new version is what we are currently using for K-5. This was a misprint in the handbook. The handbook online is being corrected today.

OLD version

(L) Limited Progress:

Student is making slower than expected progress toward meeting year-end standards.

(P) Progressing:

Student is making expected progress toward meeting year-end standards.

(M) Meeting:

Student is meeting year-end standards with little teacher support.

(E) Exemplary:

Student independently exceeds grade-level standard expectations.

NEW Version


No Progress:

Student is making no progress towards meeting end of year grade level standards with extensive support.


Less than expected progress:

Student is making less than expected progress toward meeting end of year standards with increased support.


Progressing towards mastery:

Student is making expected progress toward meeting the year-end grade level standards.



Student is meeting the year-end grade level standard and maybe ready to work at greater depth.

Upcoming events

Feb. 15 - 6th gr. Glow Party, 6 - 8:30 pm

Feb. 19 - PTO meeting, 7:00 pm

Feb. 21 - TGMS Caring Night