Taylor Croom

What Is Wind?

Wind is moving air that is caused by air pressure within our atmosphere. Wind can be slow and also can be very fast. Wind goes in different directions, the direction of the wind is expressed by the direction from which its coming from.

What Does Wind Do?

Wind is a very important thing. It can shape landforms, It can make new plants by blowing the seeds to a different place, It helps birds go in a direction they want to go, Wind can help airplanes and kites the same way. It can also be a bad thing like a hurricane, thunderstorm, or a tornando. But now and days we use wind turbines to create energy, these things look like giant skinny windmills but there all over the world. These wind turbines blow the right wind for everyone, when it isnt safe they stop them.

Some Pictures of Wind

Wind Power

Wind power is a conservation of energy (wind energy). Such as wind turbines to make electrical power, windmills for mechanical power, wind pumps for water,pumping, or drainage, Or sails to propel ships. There are these places called wind farms where there is thousands of wind turbines that are connected to a Electrical power transmission network. Wind power is very consistent year to year but it has significant variation over shorter time scales.