World War II

Alexander Jones

Beginning of Hitler's Reign

After Germany lost World War II they had to pay a big sum of money to the winners. Germany did not have the money to pay the big sum so they printed a lot more money which caused money in Germany to be worthless. Germany soon began to recover from that but they were looking for a new leader. Adolf Hitler stepped in and told Germany that he could gain back Germany's pride after the embarrassing loss. All of the Germans were afraid of Hitler so none of them said no. Hitler blamed the Jewish people for the loss of World War I. On July 29th, 1921 Adolf Hitler became leader of the National Socialist (Nazi) Party. After 12 years becoming leader of the Nazis Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany on January 30th, 1933.

Adolf Hitler is Famous

The first concentration camp was formed March 12, 1933. Hitler believed that the master race was people with blonde hair and blue eyes (funny enough Adolf Hitler didn't even have blonde hair and blue eyes). A couple of months later Hitler started noticing that a lot of books were "Un-German". He had the idea of to burn the books that were un-German. This was the beginning of the book burning. Books that were burned included of Freud, Einstein, Thomas Mann, Jack London and H.G. A year has passed and the Nazis decided to assassinate the Chancellor Dollfuss of Austria. This assassination occurred July 25th, 1934. One month later the German president died. After the death of the president of Germany Hitler becomes Führer of Germany.

March 16th, 1935 Adolf Hitler violates the Treaty of Versailles (this treaty banned Germany from making a strong army). Great Britain and France were alright with this because they thought Hitler didn't want another war. They also thought as long as they didn't provoke Hitler he wouldn't start a war. The United States thought differently (In the end they were right).

Dividing and Conquering

Hitler invades and take Czechoslovakia on March 15-16, 1939. Half a year has gone by and the British Royal Air Force (RAF) attacks Germany's Navy. After this attack Canada declared war on Germany. Germany's allies the Soviet Union decides to invade Poland on September 17, 1939. 12 days later after Soviet Union invaded Poland they divide it up with Germany. Since Hitler was such a bad person somebody tried to assassinate Hitler but it failed. A little bit after the assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler the Soviet Union attacks Finland. This attack occurred on November 30th, 1939. Since the Soviet Union attacked Finland, Finland singed a peace treaty with the Soviets so there wouldn't be any fighting. While the Soviet Union is making progress on conquering territories the Nazis have also made some headway. They have invaded Denmark, Norway, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands all in a month. Five days after Holland was invaded by the Nazis they surrendered. After the Nazis invaded France they bombed paris on June 3rd, 1940. After the bombing Hitler enters Paris. Since Hitler was in Paris and it is such a wonderful city he got a tour of it to see all of the landmarks.