The Death of Marilyn Monroe

Kaley Keating


Norma Jeane Mortenson or better known as Marilyn Monroe, was born June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles, California. Her life growing up was not particularly desirable. Her mom cut films for RKO studios and left her to grow up in abusing foster homes. At 16 she married man she called daddy who later went into the military. Around this time she started modeling and soon divorced her husband. From there she started taking acting an literature courses. From there she started getting contact offers from numerous companies. 20th century Niagara and Gentlemen Prefer blonds is what set her up to be a sex symbol superstar. She marred and divorced within the same year to a baseball player. Soon she started having the desire to pursue more serious acting to replace her sexpot image. She then married playwright Arthur Miller which stunned the press. Soon she resulted to alcohol and pills due to her depression. Movies began to let her go because her drug dependency and failure to show up on time. Not long after Monroe's phycologist was receiving threatening phone calls and he believed that she had felt rejected by people she had been close to. He went and visited her and when he left she was upset. Multiple people claim they attempted calling and talking to her the day of her death. The coroner said she had died from acute barbiturate poisoning and it was most likely suicide.

Media Perspective 1

Marilyn was known to play the "dumb blond" in many films she was apart of. Many young people adored her, which left her with a lot of responsibly to please them. A lot of people did not agree with the image she put out and felt it was not appositive example for the younger generation that looked up to her. Her provocative lifestyle was not for everyone and caused her a lot of judgement. Parents were a huge part of the people apposed to the sexual dumb blond that media portrait her to be.

Media Perspective 2

Media lead people to believe this woman had a desirable life full of glamour and endless attention. Media made it seem as if everyone wanting to look and live like her. Little did her fans know that her personal life was not all it was hyped up to be. Marilyn was practically a professional at hiding how she really felt. All of he marriages fell apart fairly fast without lasting more than 5 years. She had been neglected by many throughout her life starting when she was born. Before Marilyn was even born her father left her and her mother and soon her mother did the same to her.

Media bias

Marilyn Monroe was known to be this glamorous woman with a mix of beauty and confidence. Her overwhelming life left her depressed and lacking time for herself. Media left out much of the tragedy and heartache that this woman went through. Her mentally ill mother was with many men and did not set a good example for her as a child. Marilyn grew up in abusing foster homes and then was forced to live in an orphanage for two years. I think her childhood had a huge part in her depression that led to her potential suicide.

Historical Critisism

Before Marilyn began her acting she started her transformation by bleaching her hair blond and changing her name. Her career did not take off right away so she began swim suit modeling. She began her career fairly young and her parts were often provocative which left lots of controversy. People often disagreed with the roles Monroe played and the photoshoots she took part in. In the 50s Marilyn was know as a sex icon due to the parts she played and the way she dressed. Today the behavior she portrait and photos she took part in would not be taken so harshly as they were back then. Nowadays most actresses dress in a prevailing way and nothing is said about it. The time period in which Marilyn was apart of had a huge role in the positive and negative attention she received.

Feminist Critisism

People often accuse woman of using their bodied and beauty to move up in life, especially the acting industry. Many say that Marylyn used hers to get as far as she did. People can't accept the fact that Marilyn dedicated her life to her career. Her appearance did give her an advantage over others but in the end it was her hard work that made her so successful. She also was and is still to this day called very degrading names but I feel what she did took confidence. People are always making excuses as to why woman are successful and cannot give credit where it's due.