Ambien, Intermezzo, Stilnox, Sublinox, Edular, Zolpimist

What is it?

Zolpidem, a sedative-hypnotic sleep medication, which goes by the trade name Ambien, is a short-term treatment to insomnia. It's chemical make up is C19H21N3O. It works by replacing the lack of benzodiazepine at the GABA receptors in the brain, where benzodiazepine normally acts as our natural sedative and hypnotic. This medication is known for its ability to induce sleep within 15 minutes of taking it, but its not known for keeping people asleep, unless taken in it's controlled release form, Ambien CR. The French company Sanofi-Aventis holds the US patent for Zolpidem.

How It Works

Ambien (Zolpidem; also called A minus for its "A~" design on the pill, also Zombie pills) is taken orally, in pill form. It begins to work in around 15 minutes by sedating the user, making them drowsy. After it begins to work, it's effects last about 2-3 hours (unless in the control-release form). By helping put you to sleep, your body then takes over and does everything it would normally do during sleep. This is where people abuse the drug. By resisting sleep after taking it, it causes a "getting high" sensation with hallucinations, combined with depressant-esque effects. Also, this drug is commonly not entirely done when a person wakes up (even more common in the CR form, and with women), and a state of amnesia occurs, as well as memory loss of anything that happened during the use of the drug, also: Nausea, Vomiting, Delusions, Euphoria, Coordination problems, and fatigue. Long term, the drug can cause more memory loss, anxiety, sleep apnea, and insomnia rebound. Also, Ambien can be habit forming, meaning it can make people psychologically dependent. It has withdrawal symptoms of irritation, insomnia, cravings, nervousness, delirium, and seizures.

Ambien In Pop Culture

Jay Z made an Ambien reference in his song Empire State of Mind when he said "MDMA got you feeling like a champion, the 'City 'Never Sleeps' better slip you and Ambien". This brings up a street problem, which is Ambien being used as a type of Rufilin.


Everyone sleepwalks with Ambien: NOT TRUE. Many stories are out there that people sleep walk, fall, and even drive while on Ambien. While it is a side affect, and it's not uncommon, the majority of people that take Ambien do not experience this side affect, or any at all.