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March 2, 2019


Increasing Rigor and Relevance = Future Focused School

This past week I had the opportunity to attend the Texas Rural Schools Conference. Educators at rapidly improving schools understand this: To be future-focused, to always keep students at the center and to achieve growth for all students, instructional practice must be rigorous and relevant. They get students to think deeply. They assign learning tasks that are tied to the real world and student interests so that students gain skills and insights valuable to future careers. If you are familiar with the Rigor/Relevance Framework, rapidly improving schools ensure much of their instruction falls within Quadrant D - high rigor, high relevance.

We must realize that to successfully implement and sustain improvement through rigor and relevance, we have to incorporate a coaching model into our professional development.

Have a great week and as always... It's a Great Day to be a Chieftain!

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Semester Exam Exemptions

Students may be exempted from semester exams each semester under the conditions outlined below

  1. The student maintains a 96% attendance rate through the semester.
  2. The student must be passing all courses for the semester.
  3. The student has no major discipline defined as no more than four detentions, So Saturday School, no ISS or OSS moving forward.
  4. The student must be free of fees and fines from the Library.
  5. Students who are exempt but choose to take a semester exam can only improve their grades. In this case, the semester exam cannot negatively impact the semester average.

It is the student's responsibility to maintain all qualifying criteria moving forward. Failure to do so will disqualify the student's eligibility for any exemption.

Calendar of Events

Monday, 3/2
  • Benchmark MS: 8th Grade Reading AM
  • Benchmark MS: 7th Grade Writing PM

Tuesday, 3/3

  • Benchmark MS: 8th Grade Math AM
  • Benchmark MS: 6th Grade Math PM
  • MS Track at Lubbock Trinity
  • 3:00 pm Softball vs Borden County at Slaton

Wednesday, 3/4

  • 11:10 am Chieftain Sound Pre-UIL at Sundown

Thursday, 3/5

  • 2:00 pm District One Act Play at Post
  • Crosbyton Baseball Tournament
  • Ralls Softball Tournament

Friday, 3/6

  • BPA State
  • HS Track at Lubbock Trinity
  • Crosbyton Baseball Tournament

Saturday, 3/7

  • BPA State
  • 11:00 am Softball vs Hale Center
  • Crosbyton Baseball Tournament
  • Ralls Softball Tournament

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