We'll Always Have Summer

BY: Jenny Han . Genre: Realistic Fiction


This is the third book to the "Summer I turned Pretty" series. In this book, Jeremiah asks Belly to marry her. At that moment, she really did love Jeremiah, but a small part of her loved Conrad still. She went ahead with they wedding, but through-out the planning, she runs into situations that begins to change her mind on who she should marry. Meanwhile, Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah have to find a way to get through the first summer without Susannah there to help them all.

Overall Tone

In the book, unlike the other two in the series, the tone is very stressful and confusing. Through-out the whole book, Belly is stressed beyond compare about the wedding. The book throws some things at you that can make you confused.


The theme of this book would be to follow your heart. Belly in the first book, loved Conrad. Even in the second, and when she agreed to marry Jeremiah, she knew in heart that she still loved Conrad. Belly ends up hurting people in the end when she tries to make a decision she knows is wrong.

Question for Belly

If I could ask a question of Belly, I would want to know why she proceeded to marry Jeremiah when she knew that she still loved Conrad. I would want this answered because it would make other things that Belly did in the book make more sense.


I would say the foil characters in this are Susannah, and Bellys mother. Since Susannah passed away, shes not really there, but much of the book refers back to her. And Belly's mom, she and Belly argue a lot in this book, so her mother is there, but not as much as in the previous books.