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October 22, 2018

Welcome to the Second Quarter!

Today we begin our second quarter (also called grading period). The first quarter is over. First quarter grades are locked. And we begin a fresh term with blank grade books.

A new grade book signals opportunity... an opportunity for growth and improvement. It also signals an opportunity for bad habits to continue.

What marks will YOU put in our new grade books? How do you plan to use this fresh start?

It's up to YOU!

REPORT CARDS: Grading period 1 Report Cards will be available on Harmony Family Access after noon tomorrow (Tuesday, October 23rd.) If you would like a printed copy of your grade book, you can pick one up in the office between 5:00 and 6:30 PM during Tuesday and Thursday's Student-Led Conference events.

SMS Celebrates Red Ribbon Week

This is a week to celebrate drug-free decisions and our future!

Join in on our special activities each day!

Monday: Set your Compass. Students will be given a gift from CEASe to remind them that Life is Your Journey - Travel Drug-Free.

Tuesday: Dress like a Tourist. Where will you want to travel on your journey in life?

Wednesday: PJ pants Day. What are your dreams? Celebrate your dreams and help Scott County Head Start by donating $1 to the Builders' Club for a PJ Pants permit.

Thursday: Career Day. Dress for your future career. What is your life’s destination?

Friday: Messy Day. Drugs mess up your plans. Show us your messy clothes and messy hair!

Thanks the to SADD Chapter for organizing our events this week!

The FINAL Step in Conference PREP

Thank you in advance to all students for taking responsibility of preparing for conferences this week. Remember that it will be YOUR job to explain the info on your Fall Accountability Worksheet, YOUR job to show your parent/guardian 2-3 examples of your best work, and YOUR job to connect your family with the teacher(s) they need to see!

Don't forget that we need YOU to attend your conference session and we need YOU to bring your iPad.

During homeroom today, we are all going to complete your final task by completing the ATTENDANCE section on the Fall Accountability Worksheet.

1) If you have been enrolled at SMS since the first day of school

  • Check that option on your form.
  • Open HFA and count the number of days absent (don't count tardies but do count absences for every reason and watch for half days.)
  • Subtract the number of absences from 44.
  • Take that NEW number and divide it by 44. That gives you your attendance RATE.
  • Put your rate in the box and check your level (outstanding to poor). And finally,
  • Set a GOAL for your rate for the rest of the year!)

2) If you have NOT been enrolled all school year, follow the above steps but subtract your absences from the actual number of enrolled days. Your HR teacher will look that number up for you on a document that Mrs. Walsh has prepared for us.

Have your HR teacher check your math and give your worksheet back to your teacher. He/she will have them for you to pick up on conference night!

The Conference Plan!

Our annual Student-Led Conferences will be held this week. We will hold conferences on Tuesday and Thursday, October 23rd and 25th. Follow the steps below to maximize your experience! (You've read this before, but there is NOTHING WRONG with reading something twice!!)

1) Show up and bring your iPad. YOU are an integral part of conferences so YOU need to be in attendance with your adult(s).

2) Sign in at the door and take your adult(s) to the team area.

If you have an appointment (between 3:30 and 5:00 either conference night),

3) Sit with your teachers and your adult and participate in their discussion.

4) After the teacher conference, share your accountability worksheet and show your adult at least three work samples that demonstrate what you are learning.

5) Report to the office if you want a printed copy of your report card.

If you come during the drop-in time (between 5:00 and 6:30 either conference night),

3) PIck up your accountability worksheet and your NWEA report from your HR teacher.

4) Explain your accountability worksheet and show at least three work samples with your adult.

5) Go to the hall to get any teacher that your adult wants to see.

6) Report to the office if you want a printed copy of your report card.

Please talk with your family about your plan for conferences. Do you have an appointment or do you want to visit during the drop-in sessions? Which night do you plan to attend? Thanks for making your arrangements now!

Academic Super Bowl


If you’re the type of person who takes on a challenge with confidence and a smile on your face, you might enjoy Academic Super Bowl! Academic Spell Bowl is a math, science, literature, and social studies competition that takes place on Saturday, April 27th. Until that time, students meet about once a month studying the topic The Fertile Crescent, which involves the study of the Middle East. Students work together in teams called squads to answer questions based on their subject.

If you think you might like to participate in Academic Super Bowl and are academically eligible (have all passing grades), please pick up an information pack/application in the office this week. Applications are due this Friday, October 26th!

If you were in Academic Super Bowl last year and you would like to participate again this year, you will meet a coach in the Media Center on Wednesday, October 24th during HOMEROOM. You will not have to fill out an application. You will only need to meet with a coach for a FIVE-TEN minute interview during HOMEROOM.

If you have any questions about Academic Super Bowl, grab an information packet in the office. If you still have questions, please see Mrs. Shuler, Mr. Bell, Mrs. Fryfogle, Mr. Hicks, or Mrs. Cox.

PJ Pants Wednesday!

Wear your favorite PJ pants October 23rd! The SMS Builders Club will be having a PJ Pants day to raise money for the Head Start Preschool program. (This event is in conjunction with the celebration of your career dreams for Red Ribbon Week!) All proceeds will help fund special holiday activities for their participating children. If you want to wear PJs make a $1 donation (or more) at a donation station in the main hall before school. Onesies are acceptable- but make a 'plan B' if you get too hot. Thank you for making sure your PJ pants meet school standards. And thank you in advance for helping children!

Fall Awards Friday

Our Fall Awards Assembly will be held on Friday, October 26th at 1:20 P.M. We will recognize students for Character Counts, Spell Bowl, Drama, Fall Sports, and the Top 10% Academic Performers from spring semester 2018. We will also honor leaders in NWEA, and if we get results in time, for spring ISTEP growth.

We will also launch our annual SMS fundraiser. And we'll watch the teachers CRUSH the Black Out dodgeball team in a friendly exhibition game. Don't miss it!

Parents/guardians are welcome to join us for our awards. Those doing so should enter the main office or the PE doors between 1:00 and 1:15. Guests- please do not park in a school drive (along the curb). Please park in a parking lot space. This helps us with after school traffic and bus flow. Thank you!

Basketball and Cheer Tryouts Start Tonight!

8th Girls BB: Mon-Wed, Oct. 22-24, 6:30-8 PM, West Gym

8th Boys BB: Mon-Wed, Oct. 22-24, 5-6:30 PM, West Gym

7th Girls BB: Mon-Wed, Oct. 22-24, 5-6:30 PM, East Gym

7th Boys BB: Mon-Wed, Oct. 22-24, 3:00-5:00 PM, West Gym

6th Girls BB: Mon-Wed, Oct. 22-24, 6:30-8:00 PM, East Gym

6th Boys BB: Mon-Wed, Oct. 22-24, 3:00-5:00 PM, East Gym

6-7-8 Cheer: Mon. Oct. 22 and Wed. Oct. 24, 5:30-7 PM, Great Room

If you have not previously signed up for the tryout or if you do not have Pre-Participation Physical on file with Mrs. Manns, you will not be able to tryout.

This Week...

Mon. Oct. 22: A day, Bot Warriors, Builders Club, BB and Cheer Tryouts

Tue. Oct. 23: B day, Drama, Spell Bowl, Conferences

Wed. Oct. 24: A day, Cross 7:45am, PJ Pant Day

Thu. Oct. 25: B day, Tribe Field Trip, Spell Bowl, Drama, Conferences

Fri. Oct. 26: A day, Ignite Field Trip, Fall Awards 1:20, Academic Super Bowl applications due