Tivy High School Updates

Principal's Message Marking Period 6 Last Week of School

Marking Period 6

Antler Families,

It is difficult to express how quickly the year has passed. Together we have, both, achieved success and overcome challenges. Thank you for sharing your students with us and letting us be part of their road to graduation. We recognize everyone's path to graduation is different and we are here to support and guide that path. Congratulations to the class of 2022 and we look forward to the future classes' success next year.

Thank you, again, for your support this year. You are a critical piece of our success.


Shelby Balser

Proud Principal

Tivy High School

Congratulations Class of 2022!

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Senior Newsletter

Seniors Newsletters start after Spring Break each year to help families plan for the busy close of the school year! Check out how Seniors spend their last week on campus.

Technology Updates for Tivy High School--Device Collection Dates

Fines and fees for damaged/missing devices and chargers will begin to appear in Skyward Family Access.

Devices were returned on Friday, May 20th. Students should return the device, charger, and sleeve cover in working order. Devices will be evaluated for damage and fines and fees could be assessed. Please make sure your student returns their device on Monday, May 23rd if they have not already.

Student devices will be issued again next school year.

Marking Period 6 Report Cards

Marking period 6 report card period ends on Friday, May 27. Grades will be captured for the report card on Friday, May 27. Students in need of summer school have been notified by their counselors.

Eligibility for the 2022-2023 school year start is based on obtaining credits this school year. Please speak with a coach or sponsor regarding eligibility questions.

Good Things Happening At Tivy---Here is our Message!

Tivy Students do the following because of the pride they have in their school & community:

  • Work to get better each day.
  • Have a positive attitude and outlook.
  • Are good to one another.
  • Take care of their building by picking up after themselves and respecting property.
  • Follow the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Set high expectations for themselves.
  • Use the resources in the building for support.
  • See something say something.

With these expectations, we continue to be able to allow students flexibility and freedoms on campus. Please partner with us to reinforce these common expectations.

Campus Safety Protocols

Campus safety reminders are made regularly on campus and in classrooms. We encourage both students and parents to review the protocols. Students are encouraged to respond to the directions of adults and know the safety procedures.

Spring Lockout/Lockdown Drill

Monday, May 23rd, 12:45pm

3250 Texas 534 Loop

Kerrville, TX

We will conduct our final Safety protocol drill of the school year on Monday, May 23rd at approximately 12:45 PM. Students will follow announcement protocols for both Lockout and Lockdown drills.

Announcements will be made during the drill and expectations for drill will be clear.

Daily School Announcements & Other Information

Did you know you can access all school announcements in a newsletter format? Each daily announcement for students is available on the Tivy High School website. It is a great way to keep up with school events, fundraisers, and general school reminders.

Attendance & Communication

Attendance requirements for students remain the same as previous years. Students are required to be on campus 90% of the time to be eligible for high school credits. Students who are absent for lengthy periods with extenuating circumstances can be accommodated by the campus. Students with absences without proper documentation could be required to make-up hours and lost class time.

Please communicate with the campus when your student is not able to present in class. We ask that students attend as often as they can when they are well.

Assistant principals meet regularly with students who need make-up hours to earn credits.

House Bill 4545 Information & What it means for our Students?

HB 4545 establishes new requirements for accelerated instruction for students who did not pass the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) in the 2021 school year.

Accelerated Instruction requirements are met by delivering supplemental instruction (tutoring) before school, after school, or embedded in the school day.

We have met with all students in grades 9 through 12 who require the accelerated instruction. STAAR testing next week will give students the opportunity to demonstrate grade level mastery.

Students have been provided with options for before school, after school, or during F.I.T lunch tutoring. Students are required to log 30 hours of additional instruction per test.

Students who have not met their additional instructional time this school year could be required to attend summer school.

SAVE THE DATES: Summer School 2022

Tivy High School will host Summer School starting June 6 ending June 30. Classes will meet Monday thru Thursday from 8AM until 12 noon. Summer school is available for students who:

  • Need to recovery lost credit due to grades and/or attendance
  • Need to prepare for STAAR retesting (STAAR Testing is June 21-23)
  • Need to finish HB4545 required additional instructional hours

Counselors and administrators will begin meeting with students to discuss their summer school needs.

We will offer original credit for Art 1 and PE.

Summer school applications and forms are available on the Tivy High School website.

Tivy High School Bell Schedule

Master Schedule 2022-2023

Course selection for next school year is complete. Please have your student visit with their counselor as soon as possible if they have not completed their course selection process for next school year.

We will build next year's course schedule based on student selections. If a student needs to make a change to their selections, please have them visit or email their counselor.

Fees can only be paid through Skyward Family Access--There is no Fee management on Student Access

School Payments & Fines & Fees

Possible Fines & Fees Available for Payment Through Skyward Family Access-Fee Management

Email with balances are sent regularly to parents. Please contact campus with questions.

  • Parking Permit
  • Computer/Device Insurance & Computer/Device damage or lost fines
  • School Activity Fees & Fines
Fee Management Link - Through Skyward Family Access

Fee Management Link can be accessed through Skyward Family Access

Lost & Found

Tivy Lost and Found is located in the Assistant Principal's office with Mrs. Wren. Please check the Tivy Lost and Found for items from this school year. All items left at the end of the school year are donated.

Kathryn Riederer

College Career Support

CCMR-College, Career, and Military Readiness Opportunities--Summer Jobs, Internships, Class of 2023

College and career center is set up for scholarship applications and help with summer jobs and internships. Drop by and see Mrs. Riederer and the counselors--they are here to help!

We have rapped up a great Senior scholarship season! Class of 2023 it is never too early to start! Use your Naviance program to help stay connected.

Students access their Naviance program through their Clever account. Naviance allows them to track college and career options. Seniors will use this program for scholarship information in the spring. Ask your students about their Naviance access.

Clever Account login for students:

username: firstname+lunchnumber (do not add plus sign)

password: lunchnumber (4 digit cafeteria code)

Tivy High School Parent-Teacher Organization

Thank you for supporting the Tivy PTO! Our Tivy PTO treated staff all year! We can't thank them enough! Information on 2022-2023 PTO will be coming soon!

Upcoming Dates

Please check out the Tivy Website for upcoming athletic/Fine Arts dates.

May 22, Senior Sunset @ Tivy Stadium

May 23-27, Senior Week Events

May 24-27, Final Exam Schedule (9th-11th)

May 27, Class of 2022 Graduation; Last Day of School Students & Teachers

Dates for 2022-2023 School Year Start

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Social Media, Support & P3 Campus Reporting

The campus is working through the latest series of social media challenges and situations.

We continue to discuss with students the impact of social media/technology and the digital resume we are building with each post, comment, video, etc. There are many positive powerful uses for social media and technology to connect people, information, and ideas. We encourage students to focus on the positive impacts they make on the world around them. Please partner with us to encourage this message and monitor your student's use of technology.

Additionally, both students and parents have access to our P3 campus system for reporting concerns anonymously. Our safety motto is "If you see something, say something."; we are here to help.

Students Dressing for Success