January Update


Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We are back in full swing at all of our locations. Students are enjoying themselves as we dive into the Mesozoic Era. As with most new years, there will be some changes that are being handed down from the state. Some of these new laws will change what we are required to have on file. In order to comply with the new regulations we will be sending home new packets that will have all of the information you will need. They will also include paperwork for you to fill out, sign and return. It is extremely important that we get these packets back ASAP. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Also with each new year I ask for parents to give me feedback about their location. This feedback is used to shape training sessions for the remainder of the school year. Tell me what your school is doing right! Also tell me if there are areas that can be improved. You can email your feedback to micheyl@fusionkids.com

Thank you for your continued support. I am looking forward to an awesome 2016!

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January Curriculum

Welcome to Dino Land!!!

ALL this month our students will learning about DINOSAURS! This theme is one of the most popular among our your paleontologists. Students will learn all about how and when dinosaurs lived. They will read stories about fossils and then create their own mystery book about a missing fossil. Dino art will be on display all month so please take the time to peek in at all that is being created.

Blue Room: Students will learn how to use pictures in a book to make predictions about the story content. They will also learn how to ask and answer questions about the essential elements of the text. As always we will be focusing on letters and letter sounds that will be found in the following books: "Patrick's Dinosaurs", "Big Old Bones: A Dinosaur Tale", "The Berenstain Bears and the Missing Dinosaur Bone" and "The Lost Dinosaur Bone". At the end of the month students will create their own Dino Mystery Book!!!

Green Room: Students will learn about when and how dinosaurs lived. They will learn about the differences between herbivore dinosaurs, omnivore dinosaurs and carnivore dinosaurs. They will become paleontologists and explore fossils and learn all about how they are made over time. During this month students will use objects like fossil bones to add and subtract, as well as, determine which group of objects is larger. These are beginning math concepts that use concrete objects. The Green Room will come to live as students create the different habitats that dinosaurs lived in millions of years ago.

Red Room: Our artists will be creating dinosaur inspired art all month. We will use many different mediums to create a special art show at the end of the month. Students will draw, paint and sculpt dinosaurs. We will also be using our bodies to create dino-inspired dance as we listen to "Soundscapes of Dinosaurs." Students will talk about primary vs secondary colors. They will also learn to describe what medium they used and give details about what they have created. We look forward to seeing all the dino-art! Make sure you stop in to take a look at the end of the month.

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School Closure Days

January 18th - All Schools closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

February 15th - All Schools closed for President's Day