Launch your Business as a Stylist!

To Give Every Woman The Means To STYLE Her Own Life

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How It Works

As a Fashion Stylist, you'll share fabulous accessories and offer the ultimate personal styling experience at Trunk Shows, online or on-the-go. Your income, you earn a 25% commission on your sales. It becomes 30% if you sell more than $2,300 in a month. No sales quotas or schedules, how much you earn is up to you!

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Jumpstart your first 60 days!

With our Jumpstart program, you can earn $1000's in Free Products. Earn an UNLIMITED amount of Product Credit. Trunk Shows are eligible with only $300 in sales, 4 unique orders and a unique Hostess. Quick start bonus is $150 PC, Book and Sell Award is $150 PC, Circle of Success Bonus is $400 PC, every $1000 sale is $100 PC, Sponsor award is $300 PC. Pretty soon, you have build up a big display :)

Let me know what you think!

We can start planning your Double Dip Show where you Host and get the commission and rewards yourself. This will count as one of your Trunk Shows too. I will follow up with you next week. Have a great weekend!