Principal's Corner

What's Going On In My Intermediate World


Each summer I mail out postcards to the students that will be on campus. I do send these out in waves, one grade level at a time. I have mailed out all grade level cards. I do have cards for the new students to Brock and send those out usually during the first week of school in order to ensure I get everyone. If your child did not receive my postcard, please let me know. I am diligent to ensure that each child gets one and do want to be informed if one does not get delivered. Feel free to email me to let me know since our phone systems:

My Family & Me

A little bit about my family: my husband, John, works for TCU as a Network Engineer. My daughter, Morgan, will be a Sophomore at BHS this year and is a manager for the BHS Football team. As I said before, we have started our homestead and spend lots of time at home tending to the animals and the property. I enjoy reading and you will see that I post the various books that I read, for both professional insight as well as personal reflection, in my weekly newsletters. I am huge on communication and work hard to try and help keep staff, students, parents and community aware of the various things we have going on around campus. I am blessed each day to serve others and look forward to serving you.