The Weekly Knot

Vol.4 Issue 1

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Grit: the power of passion and perseverance | Angela Lee Duckworth
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Teacher Week Schedule

Monday, August 28th

7:15- Arrival

7:15-7:45- Room Check-In / Key Distribution

7:45-8:30 (gym)- Welcome / School District & School Expectations

8:30-9:30 (gym)- Opening Creative Activity

9:30-10:00 (gym)- Review of Staff Handbook / Emergency Binder / Schedules

10:00-10:15 (gym)- Review of Master Schedule

10:15-10:30 (gym)- 3 Bee Review
10:30-2:45- Teacher Classroom/Office Preparation & Team Collaboration

4:00- Building Closes

Tuesday, August 29th


7:45-8:15-Team Pictures & Continental Breakfast

8:15-11:15 (gym)- Professional Development - Developing Strategic Readers Part 1 (All Professional Staff)

11:15-12:00 (on own)- lunch

12:00-2:45 (gym)-Professional Development - Developing Strategic Readers Part 2 (All Professional Staff)

4:00-Building Closes

Wednesday, August 30th

PGCPS System-wide Professional Development Day

If you are attending a PD at another location please email the administrative team (Trevor/Ursula/Mike) and state which PD you will be attending.

If you are not attending a PD outside the building, please report to Felegy at 7:15 to work in your room/office.

Thursday, August 31st


7:45-10:45-Guided Reading for Transitional & Fluent Readers - Grades 4 & 5 Reading/LA Teachers (Media Center)

Guided Math (Grades 3-5)

8:00-10:00-Arts Team Meeting (Art Studio)

9:00-10:00-Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten Orientation (Gym & Classrooms)

11:45-2:45-Guided Reading for PreK(w/ accompanying para & Emergent Readers - All PreK-Grade 2 Teachers & Grade 3 Reading/LA Teachers/ESOL Teachers (Media Center)

4:00-Building Closes

Friday, September 1st


7:15-2:00 Teacher Work Day

4:00-Building Closes

Saturday, September 2nd

Building is Open, but you should enjoy your weekend

Monday, September 4th

Labor Day- No School

Tuesday, September 5th


7:30-9:15 (gym)- Opening Day Logistics (Gymnasium) (arrival, who’s here where they go & when, dismissal) & Emergency Substitute & Scheduled absence lesson plans.

9:15-11:00 (team ldr room)-Grade-Level Team Meeting - Team Leader Room

  • Teams discuss procedures & expectations for your grade level

11-12:30- Teacher Classroom/Office Preparation

12:30-2:30- “Sneak -A-Peek” (Open House) for all students and families

4:00- Building Closes