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Team Shine Bright newsletter April 2017

Have you shared the business opportunity?

Can you imagine your life without Stella & Dot? I know I can't. For me, that's because this pays for everything in my life - my bills, school dinner money, my clothes, my holidays...the lot! For you, it might fund your jewellery habit, perhaps like me you've made lifelong friends along the way, or maybe it's just to help boost your confidence or to do something for YOU for a change.

But I know for sure that I'm so so glad that Elizabeth Cooper told me about the business opportunity in the first place. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here writing this today!

So my question is 'have you shared the opportunity to join our global brand?'

You might be thinking 'why should I?'

There are a few reasons : (1) You get to choose the people you work with . Imagine a dream job of people to work alongside everyday, your friends, and lovely people you've met in your life... (2) Would you enjoy a night in the pub on your own? Probably not. How much MORE fun is it with others? (3) Would you like to earn more? Stella & Dot pay commissions (more money) in recognition of the time and energy you spend, helping and training your team. If they are successful, so are you! (4) If your business is just you and you're happy earning a few hundreds a month, that's cool. But if you really want to turn this into full-time earnings, inspiring a team is the way. (5) The best bit about recruiting a team is that you are NOT the boss. You are NOT the manager. You are a leader, a source of inspiration and training, a helpful mentor...some one to turn to as a colleague. And it's pretty awesome when you can celebrate all your team successes together.

So here's a team challenge....invite 10 people in your dream team to a FREE head office event below. Choose from Manchester, London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Dublin.

Your message could say something like...

"Hi it's Hannah here. I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but I started my own business recently with a fashion brand called Stella & Dot! It is a leading jewellery and accessories company, whose mission is to create flexible work for women. We're having an event this month where you can find out more about the opportunity with us and I wondered if you would like to come along?

We'll treat you to a drink, show you our gorgeous new pieces - from fine diamond jewellery to fashion-forward statements and elegant delicates - and let you in on the secret of how to work whenever and however much you want. Did we mention there's £550 worth of jewellery up for grabs?'

Personally I think you would be crazy NOT to sign up. Seriously...what do people have to loose? £169 and they get £400 of free jewellery/accessories to choose and keep FOREVER if it doesn't work out! One word! AMAZING!

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Meet Stella & Dot at The Radisson, Manchester: Good Vibes, Good Style

Thursday, April 27th, 6-7pm

Free Trade Hall Peter Street


For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.

Invite prospective stylists along to any of the following

If you can bring a friend, FAB! But if you can't make it, just make sure that Head Office have their name and they will ensure the person is looked after (and that they sign up with you) xxx

APR 19 Wed

Meet Stella & Dot in London: Good Vibes, Good Style

Charlotte Street Hotel


APR 20 Thurs 6-7pm

Meet Stella & Dot in Birmingham: Good Vibes, Good Style

Ana Rocha Bar & Gallery


APR 25 Tues 6-7pm

Meet Stella & Dot in London: Good Vibes, Good Style

Millennium Gloucester Hotel


APR 27 Thurs 6-7pm

Meet Stella & Dot in Manchester: Good Vibes, Good Style

Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester


APR 28 Fri 6-7pm

Meet Stella & Dot in Edinburgh: Good Vibes, Good Style

The Glasshouse


APR 29 Sat 6-7pm

Meet Stella & Dot in Dublin: Good Vibes, Good Style

Radisson Blu St Helens

Dublin, Ireland

Training with Danielle Redner from Stella & Dot HEADQUARTERS! Earn a place now!

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***VERY IMPORTANT Announcement***

To qualify for the training with Danielle this april, you had to be Associate Stylist or above pay rank ! BUT now, you can get to the Star Maker Tour with our Chief Inspiration Officer, Danielle Hammond Redner, by qualifying before the 20th April (that's 500PQV) AND sponsoring 1 Stylist in 2017! 7 days to go. You can SO do this over the Easter Bank Holiday !


London 25th April -

Manchester 27th April -

Edinburgh 28th April -

Dublin 29th April -

If you are Associate Stylist or above OR you hit the Wildcard already (ie you've qualified in April and sponsored in 2017) - Register TODAY!

PS I'm coming ! See you there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks to all those who came along to Dexter & Jones for our team meeting! The buzz was totally inspiring and the gin was awesome too !

The next team meeting will be Tuesday 2nd May 7pm-9pm UPSTAIRS ROOM at The Kingfisher, Regency Way, Northwich. Cheshire. Feel free to bring along any prospective stylists to this informal event :-) xxx

Mad March

Wow last month WAS seriously mad! Check out all the people who qualified by selling at least 500pqv and a WHOLE LOT MORE.

Becky Wilson

Samantha Gowing

Tammy Johnson

Sarah Kershaw

Katherine Top

Jane Buckle

Angela hutton

Cherith Chamberlain

Lyndsay Duncan

Amanda Smart

Lesca MacGregor

Joy Grayson-Mahon

Laura Lovell

Alex Wilks

Claire Parsons

Vicki Cronley

Karen Mager

Carol Paxman-Hughes

Jemma Hill

Kathryn Adamson

Laura Rose-Troup

Katie Armstrong

Vanessa Yates

Laura Makinson

Emma Hall

Leanne Critchley

Natalie Lydford

Stephanie Smith

Emma Hall

Jane Buckle

Claire Parsons

Sponsoring queens

Special mentions to Jane Buckle, Amanda Smart and Laura Lovell who all sponsored in March!

A warm welcome to our newest stylists!

Sophie Tootell (first trunkshow coming soon!)

Angela Hutton - Sold 576.5 PQV and qualified!

Sarra Barker - Sold 224.6

Katherine Top - Sold 569.73 PQV and qualified!

Hannah Hurley - Sold 1,006 PQV and qualified!

Hello ! Is it me your looking for?

I'm Mhari - your upline sponsor. But I can't be a good sponsor if you don't reach out to me.... So I just wanted to say I'm here and I totally LOVE it when one of you calls me #justsayin Wishing you all a HAPPY EASTER . Let's make it egg-stra special ! xxxxx