Causes of Teenage Depression

Peer Pressure

One of the causes of teenage depression is social anxiety and peer pressure.During adolescence, you are learning how to navigate the complex and unsettling world of social interaction in new and complicated ways. Popularity is important to most teens, and a lack of it can be very upsetting. The appearance of peer pressure to try illicit drugs, drinking or other experimental behavior can also be traumatic for teens that aren’t eager to give in, but are afraid of damaging their reputation through refusal. Therefore social anxiety and peer pressure is one of the causes of teenage depression

Family Problems

Another reason could be having separating or divorce parents.Divorced or separated parents might be more common today than it was in generations past, but that doesn’t mean that the situation has no effect on emotional wellbeing. The dissolution of the family unit or even the divorce of a parent and step-parent can be very upsetting for teens, often leading to depression. As teens need a lot of care and concern by there parents. Therefore separating or divorce parents can led to cause teenage depression

Trauma from an event

Another reason could be traumatic events.The death of a loved one, instances of abuse or other traumatic events can have a very real impact on anyone, causing them to become depressed or overly anxious. In the aftermath of a trauma, it’s wise to keep an eye out for any changes in your behavior or signs of depression.Many events are experienced by children as traumatic. In fact, many adults do not realize that seemingly harmless events may be very traumatic for a person. Many people who have experienced trauma feel disconnected, withdrawn and find it difficult to connect with other people.
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