come to are pop up are

you dont wont to miss out on the fun do you

are special day is coming soon

are special day is on saturday 16th feb at exeter phoneix centre werwe going to be things on pop art it is art like a noral day but change it into cartoon pictures so it makes normal pitures turn into funky cool pictures

there will be at least to artists there and they are called Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

Wednesday, Jan. 16th 2002 at 11am

London, United Kingdom ex6 y8h


as you can see pop art is something like what is in the top right corner of the page

and they are very cool to do on your freinds its great for little children and familes so come along and join us it great se you there

who is doing the event

there will be my self Ethan Pearce and vernon k with russell howard and a few of my freainds and there will be a big surprize someone who every one loves.