Title 1 Reading

January 2016

What's New in Title 1

Happy New Year! We are looking forward to an exciting new year in Title 1! Throughout the month of January, we will be administering mid-year assessments to your students. These assessments include, the DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment), CBA (Curriculum Based Assessment) a one-minute read, and a Sight Word knowledge assessment. We are confident in the improvement your students have made and will share these results with you in the January Progress Report.

Author of the Month - Judy Blume

Judy Blume was not a published author until her late adult years. She constantly made up stories in her head which eventually lead to her first book publication, The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo, in 1969. Many of her books are set in New Jersey, her home state and revolve around ideas from her husband, children and grandchild. She thinks back to all of the dinner time conversations, picks a funny idea and twists it around to make a famous plot and setting. Judy Blume and her husband George, a non-fiction author, currently reside in Key West, Florida where they enjoy adventure, spending time with their family and writing! Blume's 82 million sold books have been translated into thirty-two different languages.

Contact Information

Please contact Mrs. McKenney or Mrs. Ehrmann with any questions or concerns

kmckenney@palisadessd.org or sehrmann@palisadessd.org

Lexia Reading CORE5

We encourage students in grades 1-3 to use Lexia for 40-60 minutes per week. During our Title 1 time, and with the help of classroom centers, your student achieves a portion of this goal. Through the link above your student can play this academic enrichment game on an iPad, tablet or computer. They will need to enter their username and password. If you need their login information, please let us know and we can forward it to you!

At Home Activities

Did your child receive Legos, blocks or other small toys for the holidays? Have them "build" their spelling words and high frequency words with their new toys!

Create a family novel. It's a new year and a year for many new memories. Approximately five nights a week, each member in your home can write 2-3 sentences about their day; something fun they did, an event which made them happy or excited, something kind which happened, etc. This will become a part of your nightly routine, and you will have a Family Novel to look back on in December 2016! Happy Writing!