BY: Kali Cue

Be Smart!

BE SMART when you make a password. Make it with underscores,numbers,letters,punctuation, upper and lower case. Make your password so that you know it, but nobody else can figure it out. Look at this qr code to see a website that tells you how to stay smart with passwords.

How to make a password?

Make it so that you will remember it. Nobody should be able to know it, only tell a parent or gardian. OR else someone might hack you! A lot of bad stuff could happen if thats the case. Mabe write it down someplace if you dont think you can remeber it.

When you make a password, make it hard for a hacker.


If a hacker hacks an account, thats bad news. Try to delete the account you have, etc. Stop hackers before they hack by making your password hard to figure out.

You will be fine if you....

Just make sure to keep your password to yourself, make it so you will remeber it, and keep it smart.