Teen Issues

Janay Moore October 8, 2015

Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is the condition of being pregnant before puberty. Statistics show that in 2010, the teen birth rate 42.6 % was the lowest rate. Symptoms known for teen pregnancy are fatigue, breast enlargement, abdominal distention, missed period, etc.

Solutions to help stop teen pregnancy can be them having the "sex" talk with someone, explain safe sex to them, lay out consequences , and encourage abstinence.

Teen Pregnancy PSA

Teen Bullying

When teens use superior strength or influence to intimidate someone. The statistics say that 18.6% kids/teens age 5 to 18 are bullied. Symptoms shown in bullies are low tolerance for frustration, trouble empathizing with others, tendency to view innocuous behaviors.

There are solutions for this, increase your awareness, children can respond forcefully and respectfully, parents teach their kids protective skills, become involved.

Bullying in School (PSA ENG3U)

Teen Peer Pressure

Means influence from members of one's peer group. Statistics say that 28% of teens agreed that giving into peer pressure improved their social life. Symptoms include increased irritability, reckless behavior that seems out of character, substance abuse, depression, sudden change in attitude, behavior, and beliefs. Solutions- say "NO" and mean it, be repetitive, get away from peer pressure zone, avoid stressful situations, confront leader of pack, seek support, be your own best friend.
Peer Pressure - Real Life Teens Series

Teen Obesity

The condition of being grossly fat or overweight. Statistics say that 39.2% of teens are obese. Symptoms to being obese are clothes feeling tight, scale showing you gained weight, extra fat around waist, higher than normal body mass. Solutions to this is to avoid sugars and starches, increase protein, salads, greens, veggies, stop eating when you are fi
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Junk Food Kids: Who's To Blame? | Wednesday, 10pm | Channel 4

Teen texting and driving

Teens composing, sending, reading text messages, email, or using phone in any way while operating a vehicle. Symptoms are excessive use of texting that extent you from eating or sleeping, feelings that may make you angry or depressed without being able to text, skipping meals, or homework in order to text. Solutions to help this is to store your phone into the glove box or the trunk, give your phone to someone else, draw x's on thumbs, let technology help keep you honest.
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Lawyer Viral Video Contest: Pictures of a Broken Life - Texting & Driving