matthew ferrell

entry 4

TRAVELING there's nothing wrong with it in fact MORE people should experience it. Being stuck in the same town is lame and whack FREE yourself and GET OUT THERE go on an adventure put yourself in DANGER and in CONFLICT. Climb a COLOSSAL mountain

Row down VISCOUS streams. FALL FROM THE SKIES ONTO a target. FEAR no mistakes for your own choices are yours to claim EMBRACE the earth as it has given itself to you for the taking. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT HESITATING my friend be BOLD have faith in your actions and beliefs let them take you onto a NEW path. EMBRACE THE DANGER express your skills and FREE your thoughts. CONFLICT with good and evil amongst yourself. Then once you defeat your enemy AID him, show him they ways of your doing, invite him ONTO your journey teach him to be BOLD and SWIFT. Then befriend him… make peace and harmony.

Cheerios 2014 Game Day Ad | "Gracie"

entry 2

Matthew Ferrell 2/7/2014

Cheerios in the commercial Gracie and cheerios add (2/7/2014) the father claims that soon there will be another baby coming in to the family. Cheerios has the father support his claim by comparing 4 cheerios to represent the family. In order to inform Gracie he slides the 4 cheerios around the table so that they are side by side representing each member of the family, Gracie also humorously slides a 5th cheerio claiming that a puppy will be included into the family too. Cheerios shows this adds in a humorous way for not only children but for also the adults as well.

entry 1

I believe media is a sort of different type of society or even something that displays what society is like. Such as television shows and movies and commercials show how things happen in the world or how things would happen if it were given the certain circumstances. Media is something that we live with every day; either we see it on the internet, in school or just out in the streets. I think media can define a certain type of generation like mines, with music videos and movies based on or life styles. I also think media literature is certain things used in media. Such as a charter reacts to a certain event, and that character would portray the majority of society during that time. Both media and media literature are important. Both can’t be a part of the world without one another because they use each other in many ways. Like music videos without lyrics is virtually nothing or a picture posted without a brief summary. I believe that both these words can be used for the greater good or the worst of others. People use media and media literature to bully or mimic others in the world and they can use it to reference to someone in a good way.

entry 3

Traffic and the joys of it.

Jason cobalt, staff writer Tuesday Feb 13.

Don't we just cruising on the interstate with the wind blowing in our hair, nope of course not. There's nothing better than a slow driver or even traffic. ill tell you what, who wants to be driving dangerously fast next to other vehicles going the same speed and even faster than you?Having to inch up little by little is the safest thing for us. And who ever complained about not getting enough wind? Letting the sun beat down on you is the best source of vitamin D you'll ever get i guarantee it.

I must say for myself, that when the moment comes when the road start to gain back its flow only to come to a quick halt is the best. Nothing like a swift break check to make sure everything on your vehicle is running ever so smoothly. And lets forget about all the places your needed, appointment's and meetings can wait. Sit back blast some tunes and enjoy the honking and humidity of life. Its not like you get to enjoy it anyway with all the free time and relaxing that happens through out the day. Maybe sometime you'll honk so much at a car a man will get out his own car just to great you. Why one time i honked so hard a man shouted to me "I"ll give you something to honk at!". Boy oh boy! I thought, just for me? it truly made my day.

Entry 5

I choose this song for the sole purpose of 1984. This song mad world sung by Gary Jules can show to people that George orwell's world is quite scary. Having to pretend and not get caught can be scary or it can drive someone mad. Like how Winston didn't like a few of the women in the book or how parents had to please their children and pray not to be considered a spy. The lyrics from the song " Bright and early for their daily races, going no where". I think it relates because people in that society had the same type of things everyday at the same time but no progress was being made.
Gary Jules-Mad World (song + lyrics)