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Congratulations Mrs. Redman! FISD Standing Ovation Award Winner

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Congratulations to our wonderful data clerk, Terrie Redman, for being recognized today as the recipient of the FISD Standing Ovation award for her exceptional service at Fowler Middle School. Ms. Redman goes above and beyond each and every day to support our Fowler community, administrators, teachers and students. Ms. Redman has served as our Fowler data clerk since our school opened in 2007 and she is loved and appreciated by all. Ms. Redman is most deserving of this award and she will be honored at the November FISD school board meeting on November 9th.

Important Dates


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Team News

6th Grade

What a FANTASTIC first semester we had, and we are looking forward to another AMAZING second semester with your kiddos! 6th Grade ILA will be starting “Unit 3: Exploration” when we return in January. We will focus on the following two essential questions: What drives a person to explore? What are the character traits of a successful explorer? Students will deepen their understanding of reading, writing, listening, and sharing in various learning activities that connect to the two essential questions. We will end the unit with a research project and presentation of a famous explorer. Please be aware that we will complete another Reading/Writing Snapshot the week of February 1st, and we will complete a Composition Snapshot by the end of February.

In 6th grade social studies, students will complete their study of Russia and the Eurasian Republics. We will then continue our journey around the world in Sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on the geography, history and cultures of the region.

6th grade math will be finishing module 4 after the break with the module 4 test. We will start Module 5 the first full week following the break. We will be reviewing numerical expressions which leads to algebraic expressions. Students will be introduced to variables as a representation of quantities that varies and they will learn how to write and represent expressions in multiple ways. Module 5 will end with algebraic equations and inequalities.

Students in 6th grade science will be studying force, motion, and energy which is unit 5, Physics, the third nine weeks! The student will explore force and motion and see how they are related to potential and kinetic energy. We will finish up unit 5 by the end of the nine weeks and begin unit 6 Geology which covers earthquakes, volcanoes and more! Oh My!

7th Grade

7th graders have been very adventurous this fall! Texas history classes have been traveling back in time to the Spanish Colonial era from 1680-1760 and the Mexican National era. This past week, we traveled to the year 1821; Mexico has won independence from Spain, and Texas is now part of Mexico. Students will be learning about empresarios (such as Stephen F. Austin) who began colonization of Mexican Texas with settlers from the United States in Unit 3.

All science students are beginning their journey through the human body systems. We will be working on science labs to help students gain a better understanding of the human body.

Math classes are beginning to study non-proportional linear relations. We will then move into percentages. Please involve our mathematicians as you budget for your holiday shopping and take advantage of those great discounts!

In ILA, we are in the midst of Unit 2 and discussing adversity through different people, settings, and time periods. It’s something our students can really relate to right now. Students are writing expository essays about this topic by focusing on writing a thesis that is supported by examples and evidence. Please encourage your student to read outside of class to help expand their expository writing skills and vocabulary--the science proves it makes a huge difference in their academic success!

8th Grade

In 8th grade ILA, students authored, produced, and recorded entertaining podcasts, researched topics related to past and present social issues and discovered lessons we've learned from history. Over the holiday break, please take a close look at the personalized suggested book list that was customized for your child and sent to your home. Pre-AP ILA classes composed social commentaries using author’s craft and showcased all they’ve learned as writers this year. They also participated in a virtual library visit with our wonderful librarian! Happy reading and Happy New Year! The 8th grade history learners just completed the Constitution unit and are ready to learn about the first five presidents of the United States domestic and foreign policies. They will discover the precedents set by our first leaders and their impact on the growth or our nation. Finally, our 8th grade Scientists finished their study of physics, and have moved on to their unit on earth science. They are busy investigating continental drift, plate tectonics, plate boundaries, and will begin topographic maps when we return from Winter Break in January.

Counselors Corner

As we begin the second semester of the school year, there are some important dates that the counselors would like you to be aware of once we return from winter break.

Our Frisco Family Services Food Drive will be one of the first big events of second semester, January 18 – 22, 2021. This year’s Food Drive will be completely virtual as Frisco Family Services will work in conjunction with Amazon to provide an easy, socially distanced opportunity for Fowler families to support those who are struggling financially during this very challenging season. There will be more details as we get closer to the drive, yet please consider taking part in this worthy cause.

Power to Change Lessons:

January 11, 2021 - Power to Change Classroom Meetings (Character Lab – Zest)

January 25, 2021 - Power to Change Classroom Meetings (Digital Citizenship)

February 1, 2021 - Power to Change Classroom Meetings (Character Lab – Social Intelligence)

February 8, 2021 - Power to Change Classroom Meetings (Diversity)

February 22, 2021 - Power to Change Classroom Meetings (Healthy Relationships)

March 1, 2021 - Power to Change Classroom Meetings (Character Lab – Growth Mindset)

Course Selection for 2021-22 School Year

Also, we have several important course selection dates coming up for our students in January. Please look over the dates and information below so that you can be involved in your student’s registration process for the 2021-2022 school year.

6TH TO 7TH GRADE Course Selection

January 12, 2021 – Fowler Students and parents will receive an informational powerpoint and all documents needed to complete the course selection process

January 29, 2021 – Deadline for entering 2021-22 course requests in Home Access Center and submitting Electronic course cards by email to appropriate 7th grade counselor

7th grade A-M/Kristin Cabaniss –

7th grade N-Z/Andrea

7th TO 8TH GRADE Course Selection

January 12, 2021 – Fowler Students and parents will receive an informational powerpoint and all documents needed to complete the course selection process

January 29, 2021 – Deadline for entering 2021-22 course requests in Home Access Center and submitting Electronic course cards by email to appropriate 7th grade counselor

All 8th Graders/Andrea


C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S to sixth-grader Avishree Dutta for winning the Annual Fowler Spelling Bee!

Congratulations to 6th grader Avishree Dutta for winning the Annual Fowler Spelling Bee on Tuesday, December 15th. Seventy students from across the campus competed virtually in November for the first-ever Scripps Online Spelling Bee, with thirty-six students qualifying to compete in the annual bee held on December 15th at Fowler. Avishree Dutta took home first place while eighth-grader Sahana Naharaajan took second, and Ramesh Pattar, seventh-grader, finished in third place. Although this year’s bee was in a different format, all spellers worked hard and persevered to spell G R E A T N E S S.

Way to go, Falcons!

Congratulations to the members of the 2021 UIL One Act Play Company!

Sradha Das

Samprithi Guruvikram

Logan Hammond

Madison May

Makayla Montee

Marissa Puga

Zeynep Sahin

Millie Suckey

Cady Troxell

Sachitha Umasenthil

Nathan Wixon

Isaiah Worth

All Region Band

Please help us congratulate the students below on making the All Region band. Over 1000 students audition for spots in the All Region band from Frisco ISD, Little Elm ISD, Prosper ISD and McKinney ISD. We are proud of these students hard work especially when most of them are virtual academy!

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Choir Solo & Ensemble

Please take a moment to congratulate our Falcon Singers on participating in FISD's first annual district-wide Solo/Ensemble Contest!! We had a great turnout - 170 singers participating across our school district.

Fowler had 14 students participate! Our students earned 13 Superior Ratings, and 1 Excellent Rating, along with 3 nominations for Outstanding Soloist (**).

**Nikhil A. (8th)

Morgan B. (7th)

Pari B. (8th)

McKenna B. (8th)

**Phoebe E. (8th)

Katelynn E. (8th)

Brooke G. (8th)

Shefali K. (8th)

Nirali K. (8th)

Mutong N. (7th)

**Faith O. (7th)

Jenny P. (8th)

Isabella S. (8th)

Cadence T. (7th)

G/T Referral

Rail Tutoring

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Red Rhythm Dance Tryouts

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