Hurricane sandy occured in October 12 2012

Hurricane sandy was a late post tropical cyclone swept by the caribbean and the east coast of the US oct 2012. Dozens dead thousands homeless and millions without power total damage cost billions

Is it weather related ?

Yes it is weather related as it is also nature cause.

How is the land affected?

Sandy is eroded from coastal areas and deposited in others. The waves and storm surge are able to carry large rocks.

How did the ecosystem recover?

The amounts of damage was what was told the amount of money needed and the amount was billions

How did it affect the people of the land?

4.7 million in 15 states without electricity 10000 people die each just in the first few weeks of the disaster

How did it affect or change the plants and animals in the area hit by the disaster?

Hurricanes generate strong winds that can completely demolish a forest canopy and cause a dramatic structional change to a woode pn ecosystem