DreamHost Reviews : Best or Worst?

After Using Dreamhost For 2 Years We Are Giving this Review.

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The Highest-quality hosting company

After reviewing the Top 12 web hosting companies We are giving this Dreamhost Review, we chose DreamHost to be our champion host provider.

Hands down, DreamHost offers what we like to label the gold standard in this industry. In fact, this is what web hosting companies should look like, and from what we understand, many companies are trying to copy their offerings.

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An impressive investment in server technologies has placed them among the elite web hosting companies in business today. And, for as little as $5.78 a month, you can have access to 500 GB of space and have your Free choice of domain names. In addition, you can get up to 250 email addresses. Offerings include unlimited bandwidth, website storage, SSL certificates, and much more.

As with any good web hosting solution, we looked at the reliability of their services. In over eight months of testing dozens and dozens of sites, we never had a problem, even during our highest peak times. We were thoroughly impressed with their reliability in being up and running 100% of the time.

DreamHost pulled strong numbers with value and reliability, but how were they in terms of ease-of-use? After working with Dream Host for only a short time, we figured out their name. They are simply a dream to work with. We were impressed with the intuitive nature of their dashboard and control panel. Without a doubt, the web designers got it right with Dream Host. It was simple to use and had no problems at all uploading our sites and making any necessary changes or additions. We feel that this "ease of use" criterion is essential for those non-technical customers.

Their user interface was simply advanced, clean, and easy to work with. After working with several different companies, Dream Host easily stood out as the best. Whether it's your first time as a website owner or you are a large company looking to upgrade, we know feel confident recommending Dream Host to anyone.

DreamHost solidly remains our first choice among the many web hosting companies we have tried.

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Shared Web Hosting

Dreamhost Shared web hosting is just one of the web hosting options available to DreamHost customers. Shared web hosting is when several web hosting accounts are all sharing the resources of one server. Because the resources are shared amongst all the websites on the server, shared web hosting is best for small business sites, bloggers, personal sites that don’t use a lot of resources, or any other website that will not be using large amounts of server resources. The shared web hosting plans are very user friendly with a control panel that users can access from a web browser. DreamHost reviews show that the shared web hosting plans provide all the web hosting tools and resources one will need to build and maintain a website. The 1-click installs make it easy for a webmaster to add the applications and features that he wants for his website. As always, customer satisfaction is guaranteed and DreamHost provides a 97-day money-back guarantee. For non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organizations registered in the US, DreamHost provides free web hosting, just provide a copy of an IRS-issued 501(c)(3) to prove your organization qualifies.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

As part of our DreamHost review we will take a look at the VPS hosting options to give users a better idea of whether or not DreamHost VPS hosting is the best choice for his/her web hosting needs. VPS hosting splits the resources of one server and partitions those resources off so that the VPS account is the only one using those resources. A VPS hosting plan is like having a mini dedicated server. Even though one account doesn’t have all the resources of a full dedicated server, they do not have to compete with other sites for their share of resources. Customers that have a rapidly growing website that sees times of heavy traffic or is running numerous applications that use a fair amount of resources may want to consider a VPS plan. With VPS hosting each customer can reboot his/her portion of the server, has full root access and can add applications and make changes as needed. VPS plans start as low as $15 per month (plus shared hosting fee) with 300 MB RAM and unlimited disk storage, bandwidth, domains, and more. Clients can upgrade to higher amounts of RAM at anytime for an additional fee.

DreamHost Dedicated Server Hosting

Dreamhost Dedicated server hosting is ideal for large, busy business websites, sites with applications that use a lot of CPU resources, or those sites that have complex database needs. DreamHost customers that choose to use a dedicated server will have all of the resources on the server available for his/her website(s). On a dedicated server, the hosting account does not have to share resources with anyone else. Dedicated server pricing varies based on the server’s hardware configuration and resources. The cheapest dedicated server starts at just $99 per month and provides a 2 core CPU, 2 GB memory, 500 GB disk space, but no Raid storage. Because your website will not be competing with other sites for resources, customers can customize each website with the apps and features they desire and still have fast, reliable load times all the time. DreamHost reviews talk about managed site backups, the 100% uptime guarantee, and 24×7 technical support. DreamHost is dedicated to providing every user with the best web hosting service possible. Visitors can check out the dedicated server options in our DreamHost review and then talk to a DreamHost sales rep to determine which DreamHost web hosting option will best suit his/her individual needs.


DreamHost Domains

In addition to web hosting, DreamHost also offers domain name registration. Every DreamHost web hosting package includes one Free domain registration on a .com, .org, .net, or .info domain. This domain is registered to the client and remains free as long as he/she has an active DreamHost web hosting account. Should the customer ever choose to leave DreamHost, he takes his domain with him. Customers can also register additional domains through DreamHost as needed or transfer a domain to DreamHost for free when signing up for a DreamHost web hosting plan.
Dreamhost Review: Pros & Cons To Know About Before You Buy