The water Cycle

Learn about the water cycle A.K.A "The hydrolodgic cycle."

The water cycle

The water cycle is an interesting but complicated subject. Lets start off with evaporation. Evaporation has two ways regular evaporation or transpiration which is evaporation through plants.During evaporation the water gets heated up and rises in the air. when the water is in the air the it grabs a piece of dust. After evaporation, the cold atmosphere condenses the vapour into clouds. now either two things happen. one the cloud fills and then precipitates or the water droplets get blown up by the wind into the colder atmosphere. Then the water becomes ice flakes which fall as snow or become ice blocks which fall as hail. Now the water will become a runoff and go to lakes. Also it may seep into the ground and become ground water. Now the final step the water will accumulate that means the water gathers into lakes and streams. So basically that is the water cycle.



Now since you know about the water cycle let's talk about pollutants. As you know the water cycle is a fragile thing but it is interrupted about a thousand times a day. Pollutants can enter the water cycle all the time. There are millions of contaminants but we will only talk about one. The one we will talk about is DDT. So DDT is one of the most popular pesticides. DDT is so popular because it kills worms bugs caterpillars and other insects that kill crops. Even though this is very effective it will leak off into streams, rivers and lakes. Since birds drink lake water the DDT will cause them to lay eggs with thin shells. Then the baby birds will hatch to early and die. That is why they banned it in 1972. To learn more about DDT ho to the link below.